When He Put a Knife to Grandma’s Throat, He Wasn’t Expecting Her to Do THIS


Jewell Turner was sitting in her minivan in the parking lot of her doctor’s office when a man tapped on her window. He wanted directions and she obliged. But, when the 74-year-old grandma turned her head, she claims the man put a knife to her throat demanding money and threatened to hurt her if she didn’t hand it over.

But, this criminal picked the wrong grandmother. He learned this when Turner pulled a handgun from her purse.

“I just reached down, got the gun and turned around and pointed it to his face. And I told him, I said, ‘You back off, or I’ll blow your head off.’ And his eyes got big and he just backed up and he took off walking down the street like nothing happened,” Turner recalled.

The man who Turner describes as a blonde white male in his 20s, escaped without being shot. Hopefully he learned that even grandmas in Texas are armed and willing to protect themselves. Watch what she has to say:


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H/T: The Blaze

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