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When Bernie Sanders Praised Communist China, Ted Cruz Absolutely Leveled Him

When 2020 Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders praised Communist China by saying they have made “more progress in addressing extreme poverty than any country in the history of civilization,” Ted Cruz wasn’t having it.

In fact, Cruz completely leveled Bernie.

Cruz Levels Bernie

“Sure, the Chinese Communists have wrongfully imprisoned & tortured millions, and they have murdered over 65 million people, but Bernie may have a point: when you’re dead, your poverty’s solved, right? #AbsurdLeftistPropaganda,” Cruz tweeted.

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This came about from a recent interview with Sanders in The Hill, where the news outlet said the Senator had “nuanced view of Beijing.”

How nuanced? He thinks they have done some good things!

“China is a country that is moving unfortunately in a more authoritarian way in a number of directions,” Sanders told The Hill. “But what we have to say about China in fairness to China and its leadership is if I’m not mistaken they have made more progress in addressing extreme poverty than any country in the history of civilization, so they’ve done a lot of things for their people.”


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Bernie Sander Has Praised Socialist Dictators His Entire Life

Wow. But let’s face it: Bernie Sanders support for communist and socialist dictatorships isn’t exactly anything new.

In February, Sanders was asked during a CNN town hall if he thought Venezuela’s Nicolas Maduro was a dictator.

Sanders refused to call him that.

One year before the fall of the Berlin Wall, Sanders wrote in 1990, “There are some things that [the Soviet Union does] better than we do and which were, in fact, quite impressive. Subway systems in in Moscow costs 5 kopecs — or 7 cents. Faster, cleaner, more attractive and more efficient than any in the U.S. — and cheap.”

Sanders has also bragged in the past about taking vacations with his wife in the old Soviet Union.

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Bernie Doesn’t Think Fidel Castro is So Bad

Sander once said that Cuban dictator Fidel Castro, “solved some very important problems,” and claimed Cuba was “more successful than almost any other developing country in providing health care for its people.”

When he was mayor of Burlington, Vermont, Sanders wrote in 1989,”For better or for worse, the Cuban revolution is a very profound and very deep revolution. Much deeper than I had understood.

“More interesting than their providing their people with free health care, free education, free housing … is that they are in fact creating a very different value system than the one we are familiar with,” he added.

Think about it: Bernie Sanders has had an intellectual love affair with socialist dictators his entire life.

And this man wants to be President of the United States?