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Teenager Just Taught America A HUGE Lesson That Could Save This Nation!

wheelchair boy stands for flag

Arek Trenholm, 16, has spina bifida. But instead of allowing that to destroy his spirit and confine him to a wheelchair with no hope, he chose not to allow his disability get in the way of his patriotism.

Trenholm, who last stood on his own seven years ago, was watching the local high school’s homecoming parade on Oct. 12 when he hoisted himself up as the American flag passed by. Nobody told him to do it… he felt it within himself to make this gesture.

Many people take our flag for granted these days. Others want to destroy it by cutting it up or burning it. They need to look at this photo below and learn that respect for the American flag means everything. If we as a nation are to recover together, we have to learn to respect certain things together, like our flag and national anthem.

We will heal a lot quicker, I truly believe that.

From Breitbart:

A teenager bound to a wheelchair hoisted himself up to pay homage to the American flag while watching a homecoming parade in Florida.

Arek Trenholm used his arms to rise out of the wheelchair as the junior ROTC walked by waving red, white, and blue flags, WABC reported.

Trenholm, 16, was born with spina bifida, which impairs the development of the spinal cord. He has been wheelchair-bound for the past ten years of his life.

“My sister just called out, ‘He’s standing!’ And instantly, I knew what he was doing,” his uncle Myron Leggett said.

Leggett received many comments on Facebook applauding Arek for his display of respect.

“He didn’t have to do that. He has an excuse to stay seated,” said Leggett. “Nobody told him, nobody encouraged him and he did it on his own. I admire him for that and I’m very proud of him.”

Arek’s mom said he has been standing for flags, pledges, and national anthems since he was very young. She said he picks out leg braces with the American flag on it and now has ten pairs.

wheelchair boy stands for flag

The greatest country ever know to man needs this to be shared! God bless this young man for the patriotism he showed and respect for this great country.

Thank you, young man for showing us that patriotism does not make you a racist or radical, it simply means you love this land!

What a great story of patriotism by this young man. What are your thoughts about how we can return this country to a better place where patriotism reigns supreme. Share your comments below.