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What’s Behind Ocasio-Cortez’s ‘Insidious’ Racism Claims?

Mary Margaret Olohan on October 25, 2019

Daily Caller News Foundation editor-in-chief Christopher Bedford hit back at Democratic New York Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez on Friday for linking the Daily Caller to white supremacy, saying her comments were “insidious.”

Bedford discussed the lawmaker’s comments from the Wednesday congressional hearing with Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg. Ocasio-Cortez asked Zuckerberg why Facebook lists the Daily Caller as an official fact-checker, saying the Daily Caller is a “publication well-documented with ties to white supremacists.”

This is offensive, and it’s hurtful to our staff,” Bedford told Fox Business’s David Asman. “Our reporting has, at great risk to our reporters, contributed to putting numerous white supremacists behind bars — violent, mean, terrible people.”

“To be called white supremacists by a congresswoman — it’s not just hurtful to all of them, but it’s more insidious than that, because what she is trying to do here is scare businesses away,” he said.

The Daily Caller tweeted an official statement from publisher Neil Patel on Wednesday afternoon following the congresswoman’s remarks.

“Our reporting has contributed directly to putting four members of the ‘alt-right’ in prison and sending two more on the run, at great personal risk to our reporters on the ground,” Patel said in the statement. “And as a minority-owned and minority-run news company with a diverse staff — including many African-American, Jewish, Asian and other minority employees — any allegation that our company is in league with white supremacist types is offensive.”

“We have denounced white supremacy in the past and are happy to do so again,” Patel added. “We share nothing with them and they aren’t welcome at our company. For a sitting member of Congress to knowingly repeat such spurious allegations — especially during these polarized, violent times — is not just despicable, it endangers our staff.”

Bedford also said the Daily Caller is a minority-owned company with a diverse range of employees. Though Ocasio-Cortez may dislike the Daily Caller’s reporting, this reporting is “tough and it’s fair,” Bedford added.

“She wants to make sure advertisers don’t want to work with us, tech companies don’t want to work with us, the American people can’t get it,” Bedford said. “And the way to do that is to scare corporate America with these accusations of racism. It’s insidious.”

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  • sue that nasty c7nt for so much money that she will be pushing a shopping cart and begging for cans to recycle just to eat a meal!

  • LOL! Poor AOC. The only thing worse than being a simpleton is being an angry, bitter Leftist simpleton.

  • Yes when she was working at the bar in NYC. She was looking up in the mixology book how to open a bottle of Budweiser for a customer. She couldn't figure it out so she asked the customer how to open the bottle, and the customer told her and also showed her how. This was and only is the one time she asked a intelligent question. It will never happen again in her life time or ours.

  • well Alexandria she just needs a lobotomy, God bless you Alexandria...too bad he didn't give you anything upstairs to think with.

  • These radical leftists resort to labeling their opponents in order to cover up their lack of facts when defending their political positions!

  • Maybe it's just me but does AOC's skin color change with the group of people she's speaking to? When she's in the Congress she looks lighter. When she talks to a small crowd of minorities on the street she looks darker. Maybe she's some type of chameleon. I know certain lower forms of life have the capability of changing their skin color.

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