What You Need to Know Before the Dems Get to Iowa

With the caucus coming up soon the news is fast and telling.

By David Kamioner | January 20, 2020

The news flurries will get thicker as we get closer to the February 3rd Iowa caucuses. Among the top intel today, here is where things stand:


1. Biden still leads in Iowa. He has 24%, to Warren at 18%, Buttigieg at 16%, and Sanders at 14%. The poll was conducted by Rural America.

That means that Mayor Pete has tanked somewhat, he led for a bit last month, and that Iowa can be a major boon for Biden.

If he wins there he has the wind at his back going into New Hampshire and could begin to put it away before Bloomberg and Super Tuesday.

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2. They’re at each other’s throats. Sanders and Biden fight on social security while Sanders’ staff goes after Biden on his civil rights record.

Joe Biden used to be considered a party moderate.

As such he backed the Clinton era crime reforms that are now considered anathema by the Dems.


3. Warren attacks Bloomberg for playing possum until Super Tuesday and for not releasing his financial records just yet.

Bloomberg is driving them crazy. He sits comfortably atop his billions watching them all punch themselves out of steam while his rope-a-dope strategy gains quiet momentum.

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4. The feud over the alleged Sanders line on female electability continues unabated.

Both virtually say the other is a liar. Bernie is the real liar here. You just know it.

The off the cuff arrogance is just the kind of thing he would deploy against a political opponent he doesn’t respect.

How far left does poor Liz have to go to get that respect? Nowhere, as avowed socialists only demand it, never give it.


5. More far-left Dems in House back Sanders. This time its Jayapal of Washington state. That hurts Warren.

Jayapal joins her ideological pal AOC and others by backing Bernie.

This may also put them in a nice negotiating position at the convention. Why? When Bernie folds others will pay a high price for his supporters.


6. On MLK Day Biden says Trump and Klu Klux Klan are one and the same.

Yeah, the Klan always loved high black employment and financial success. Joe, find another head of comms. I mean, really.

And finally…

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7. Bloomberg has spent $248 million on political spots and is going to spend more between now and Super Tuesday on March 3rd.

If Biden doesn’t put it away by then…

This piece originally appeared in LifeZette and is used by permission.

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