What Happens When Thugs Rob a Machine Gun Store in Texas Is Epic!


Two of the world’s dumbest criminals broke into a Houston firearms store that is licensed to sell machine guns. They likely thought the store would be vacant at 1:45 am, but they were wrong. John Kleiber, the owner of Class 3 Weapons, opened fire, shooting one of the intruders. The 23-year-old suspect died of a gunshot wound to the head.

Class 3 Weapons is federally licensed to sell Class III firearms like machine guns and has been targeted several times for break-ins prompting Kleiber to sleep in his store.


This gun store owner not only stopped his merchandise from being stolen, but also likely kept high-powered firearms out of the hands of criminals as it is probable the intent was to sell them on the street. Now that’s gun control.

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H/T: Bearing Arms

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