We’re Not All In This Together, Many Of Us Still Know Right From Wrong

The only thing Dems are ever worried about is getting caught.

Doesn’t it seem logical that Democrats lack the genes required for processing shame? It seems they process this kind of reaction by normal people under a gauzy rubric they call “optics,” due to a total lack of innate morality.

Need an example?

How about Nancy Pelosi giving us a YouTube tour of her million-dollar Napa kitchen and well-stocked gourmet Viking brand ice cream freezer. She was showing us how you do lockdowns.

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Dems and the media are good at half-truths. Lies are too open for even those who watch MSM news, so they need half-truths and spin.

A half-truth is more reasonable.

Dems Know They Are Playing With Fire

The worst part about this is that they know full well this pandemic is being used for their political gain.

Like Gavin Newsom in California, the governors of these states aren’t making these decisions willy-nilly or on bad information, nor are they making them in a vacuum on their own.

There is coordination here at higher levels of direction, if you ask me.

The progressives couldn’t care less about anything other than power and money.

They hate the common people, but they have mastered the art of the grift to convince the average person they are interested in their well-being.

How anyone can be fooled by the old Alzheimer’s windbag Pelosi is beyond comprehension.

What Are My Feelings After All Of This?

At this very moment, my single greatest desire is to slap the holy crap out of the next politician and/or celebrity that says, “We are all in this together.”

No, we are not, nor do we want to be!

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Stop with your condescending platitudes, do not even try to speak down to us; we all know that those of brilliance or even a reasonable intellect generally do not go into politics.

We are all very aware that those, such as Joe Biden, received only one distinction, Vix Lectus (If your Latin is rusty, this translates into barely graduated).

You do not, nor will you rule over us, and NO, you are not better than us; we actually contribute to the society we are a part of.

In contrast, people in government contribute nothing, spending their lives suckling off the government teat, enriching themselves off of our hard-earned tax dollars!

You produce nothing but misery, you complicate the lives of those who do work, and now you seek to deprive us of our freedom, our liberty! NOT GOING TO HAPPEN!

We are a free nation, and we shall remain as such; anyone seeking to alter that in any way is doing so at their own peril; ask the British how that worked out for them!

We will NOT comply, we will NOT submit, we will NOT obey! We The People rule.

We are not subjects; your job is to serve us, we DO NOT serve you!

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What Should We Expect Going Forward?

This is but a small example, but Pelosi is now taking fire from the left as well as the right.

The Progressives want to dethrone her as Speaker and install someone who is even more liberal than she is.

Let that sink in for a minute. They’ll be coming after Biden too.

Expect the Hunter Biden laptop story to start seeing attention in the broader MSM if he doesn’t play ball following the inauguration.


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