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Days Before Wedding She Gets Dropped; What Happened Next Will SHOCK You!

Life is so unpredictable! It throws you curves and bumps in the road you never see coming. Most of us, we grow and adapt while others seem to get stuck and fall into depression and regret.

In the case Shelby Swink, she rose above the tragic situation and made it work out for her. Shelby chose not to allow tragedy to control her. She took charge of it.

A few days before Shelby was to walk down the aisle, her fiance informed her he wasn’t in love with her anymore and the wedding was off. A heartbreaking decision.

Shelby could have went to a corner and closed up shop but she chose to make this bad moment special. She got paint tubes and along with her bridesmaids, made this a day to remember.

Photo h/t – Elizabeth Hoard Photography

From FaithIt:


She invited her bridesmaids and parents to don their wedding finery and meet her in a grassy sunlit field on the day the celebration was scheduled—and it wasn’t for a pity-party. Instead, in her beautiful, meticulously altered wedding dress, Shelby distributed several small bottles of paint to her loved ones.

They didn’t even wait to hear the word “go”—they just let the colors fly, and a photographer friend captured it all.

“The moment the paint hit my dress…I was free,” Shelby wrote in a post for OffbeatBride.com. “All the disappointment, all the hurt…I just felt it leave me. I can’t even describe how liberating and cathartic the experience was for me. I let go of all the hurt and became myself again.”


Shelby believes in God and with him she has guidance. I feel bad that she didn’t get the wedding of her dreams but it seems she made out ok on that day. One thing you probably noticed, she smiled.

This seems to be a spin on the “trash the dress” trend of brides destroying this bridal gowns after their marriages. Shelby just did it a bit out of order.

Way to go Shelby! I think she will remain on the winning end for the foreseeable future. Share this story of strength and faith on Twitter/Facebook and add your voice below in the comment section.