We The Internet Mocks Liberal Comedy In Viral Video

Listening to celebrities in the entertainment industry attack President Donald Trump is like watching the attack of the drones.

It’s all the same. It never changes: The tired Hitler comparison, the unsubstantiated accusations of bigotry, the reminder that Trump has had failed businesses before.

The conservatives over at We The Internet are out with a new video, which features a comedian whom they describe (tongue in cheek) as one who “breaks the mold set by comics like Jon Stewart, John Oliver, Trevor Noah, Bill Maher, Louis C.K., Samantha Bee, Alec Baldwin, Steven Colbert, Seth Meyers and Jim Jefferies to go where they dare not and make fun of Donald Trump. That’s right, the president of the United States, Donald J. Trump. Standup. Comedy. On. Trump.”

Watch below, as the “comedian” perfectly mocks what qualifies as comedy on the Left today:

Liberals truly lack a sense of humor. They spend too much time whining about race and sexual preference that they can’t take a joke.

I guess that leaves us conservatives with more laughs in the end. That’s fine by me!

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By Matt

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