Earlier this week, May Day protests sprang up all over the country, as communists and liberals banded together to celebrate the virtues of everything anti-American.

There were the usual protest tactics – monosyllabic chants, simple rhymes, masked warriors trying to disrupt the lives of everyday citizens, the usual.

But one of the favorite tactics of the left, blocking roads, failed miserably for one group in Durham, North Carolina.

The group tried mightily to stop a pickup truck driver, but the person inside didn’t really give a rip about the little communists in the path of his massive vehicle.

So he slowly, calmly, made his way through …

Ha ha!

The best part is when reinforcements come in to stop the truck, and promptly do absolutely nothing to stop it’s momentum.

It’s like we’ve said before – these little snowflakes who emerge from their mom’s basement roughly once or twice a year to interact with society, actually view themselves as tough, hardened warriors.

They are anything but:

There’s your reality libs.

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