Watch Legendary Journalist Bob Woodward SLAM Democrats About THIS


As Bob Woodward believes, it is absolutely FALSE to blame George W. Bush for Iraq War.

Reporter Bob Woodward, of Watergate fame, sets the record straight on former President George W. Bush and Iraq. The left constantly claims George W. Bush “lied us into Iraq.” Woodward flatly says, “There was no lie in this.” He investigated the matter for 18 months and found no evidence to support the “lie” contention. In fact, he found that Bush actually tried to ensure the case for WMD in Iraq was not overstated. In the end, the intelligence turned out to be wrong in great part. But there was no lie involved, no matter how much the Left tries to say there was.

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What do you think? Will Democrats listen to this vetted journalist or discount him to further their false narrative. Share your comments below.

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