(WATCH) Karine Jean-Pierre Livid Over Peter Doocy’s Question On Hunter Biden’s Stunt Appearance: ‘That Is Incredibly Disingenuous’

Peter Doocy and Karine Jean-Pierre engaged in a lively exchange during a White House press briefing following Hunter Biden's surprise appearance on Capitol Hill yesterday.
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Peter Doocy and Karine Jean-Pierre engaged in a lively exchange during a White House press briefing following Hunter Biden’s surprise appearance on Capitol Hill yesterday.

The President’s son crashed his own contempt hearing flanked by members of his legal team before fleeing the proceedings after congresswoman Nancy Mace suggested he should be arrested on the spot.

Doocy began his questioning by wondering “how big of a headache” the stunt must be for the White House.

Jean-Pierre responded by reviving the tired line that Hunter is simply a “private citizen” and that his actions have no bearing on the President.

“But the last time he was on the Hill, you said the President was ‘certainly familiar with what his son was going to say,'” Doocy countered, a reference to Hunter’s previous stunt where instead of complying with a congressional subpoena, he delivered a public statement outside the Capitol.

Without waiting for an answer Doocy added: “So, is the official line that President Biden does not help him with his business deals, but he does help him skirt congressional subpoenas?”

“That is not even true,” the clearly agitated press secretary stammered. “That — that is a jump that is — that is incredibly disingenuous in that question.”

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Doocy Wasn’t The Only One To Fluster Jean-Pierre

As to Doocy’s original statement about Hunter being a “headache,” Jean-Pierre’s denials didn’t make it any less so at the same press briefing.

She was asked repeatedly about the President’s son’s stunt, a clear indication that whatever Hunter hoped to accomplish via his appearance backfired.

One reporter noted that President Joe Biden called the Republican impeachment inquiry against him a stunt, and by his own definition, Hunter’s actions amounted to the same thing.

“So, I guess, if the whole thing is a stunt, how does the White House see the President’s son himself pulling a stunt by appearing at this contempt hearing?” the reporter asked.

Jean-Pierre brushed off a majority of the questions by again claiming that Hunter is a “private citizen” and directing their inquiries to his representatives.

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Doocy Dings Her On Illegal Immigrants Taking Over A New York School

Doocy continued being a headache for Jean-Pierre, confronting her about the illegal immigrants that forced kids out of class and took over a school in New York.

“A whole high school in New York is having remote classes today because the building was needed to house people who came into this country illegally. So, what is the President’s priority in this case? Is it the migrants, or is it the students?” Doocy asked.

That’s known as a rhetorical question, but Jean-Pierre responded anyway.

“As it relates to migrants and what’s happening at the border, look, the President has taken this issue very seriously,” she claimed without evidence.

“The system has been broken for decades,” she continued. “And the President is the one who has taken action to deal with this while House Republicans do not.”

In reality, Democrats would rather kick military families out of hotel rooms and lock children out of schools than secure the border, and the current President has overseen the worst invasion at the southern border in this nation’s history.

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