Watch: John Kerry Caught Lying About THIS in Mid-Interview


To paraphrase ESPN’s Chris Berman, John Kerry was caught rumblin’, bumblin’, and stumblin’ over his words as he tried to lie to the American people about the Iran nuclear deal.

Prior to the announced deal, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu blasted the Obama administration’s negotiations with Iran as a “parade of concessions.”

The State Department did indeed make obvious concessions to the Iranian regime. Here are a few:

Kerry admitted in April to agreeing to let Iran continue running major portions of its nuclear program, something the regime actually bragged about. In mid-June, Kerry made comments indicating that Iran would no longer have to be held accountable for past attempts at developing a nuclear weapon. The White House also allowed the United Nations’ conventional arms embargo against Iran to expire after five years. Additionally, experts and even members of the Democrat party admitted to, and strongly condemned, the administration’s concessions to Iran.

A ‘parade of concessions,’ one right after the other.

So in an interview with Andrea Mitchell regarding the nuclear pact with Iran, Kerry spoke the truth in the only way Democrats really know how – it slipped out of his mouth.

Watch …

Yes, he actually did just say, “He (Netanyahu) doesn’t even know what the concessions are that we have … not engaged in.”


Kerry:  “He said the same thing about the interim agreement. And he was wrong. The fact is that he’s practically been making comments that are way over the top. He doesn’t even know what the concessions are that we have — not engaged in because we haven’t made concessions. So there’s a game — there’s a process here.”

It’s quite obvious to most Americans that Kerry and Obama bowed down to the Iranians in this nuclear deal. Perhaps the best indication of the concessions made to Iran though? Celebrations being planned by Iran.

How many Americans are celebrating today?

Did Iran get the better of the nuclear deal with the United States?

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