WATCH: Hunter Biden’s Stripper Baby Mama Drama Isn’t Making Joe Biden’s Life Any Easier

It used to be that if your kid was a crackhead, you kept them out of the public eye. It must be harder though when your crackhead kid goes out and impregnates a stripper. It must be double-hard when you have to deal with the crackhead’s legal issues and be President of the United States, all at the same time.

During an interview with The Political Insider’s Brett Smith, podcast host and PR consultant Brian McWilliams discussed how Hunter Biden’s current debacle regarding his refusal to pay upwards of $20,000 per month in child support is now bleeding more openly into father Joe Biden’s administration – as well as his re-election campaign.

This topic re-emerged last week as Hunter had to travel to Arkansas for a court-ordered appearance regarding a child support dispute, as well as the mother’s attempt to legally change their daughter’s last name from Roberts to Biden. Things got more awkward later during a White House press meeting where Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre refused to answer several reporter’s questions regarding President Biden’s refusal to even acknowledge his seventh granddaughter.

A court mandated paternity test proved last year that son Hunter was indeed the child’s father.

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Deadbeat Baby Daddy

“Is there a strategy to ignoring this whole thing?” Smith asked McWilliams’ regarding the Biden family’s silence towards Hunter’s legal dilemma and the existence of President Biden’s seventh grandchild.

“I was thinking about this again from a communications, PR standpoint and I think that there is no other strategy that they can possibly employ here,” McWilliams replied. 

“I mean it looks so bad,” he continued, “and not only that, let’s not forget Karine Jean-Pierre is so incompetent at her job on a fundamental level, that to open up that can of worms in any way is just gonna look bad. She’s gonna say something stupid, you know, she doesn’t have a binder of information on this, so the only strategy they can employ is to say ‘I’m not going to comment on it’.”

McWilliams also pointed out how supposed recent changes in the legal team for Hunter has resulted in clashes with his father’s legal advisors, who have additionally had to step in to attempt to keep as much of the impact off the President and his re-election as possible.

Critics state that there could potentially be transactional information indicating that Joe Biden financially benefited from Hunter’s overseas dealings regarding a Ukrainian energy company, as well as another company tied to the Chinese government. Obviously, this would open up a whole can of issues if evidence can verify any of those potential kickbacks showed the family was involved in collusion and corruption at the highest levels possible.

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Less Like ‘West Wing’, More Like ‘Jerry Springer’

“I mean, how does Joe Biden completely ignore the existence of his seventh grandchild?” Asked Smith. “I mean, is that something that’s realistic?”

McWilliams mentioned Biden’s potential loss of appeal among white, non-working suburban mothers who could potentially see this as a character flaw large enough to not support him.

“I think that can really hurt him, because he [Joe Biden] goes out there constantly talking about his six grandchildren, talking about how he loves the kids. He tells these weird stories and sniffs their heads, but this poor girl is going to go through her life never having her head sniffed by Joe, and the moms out there are sure, I guarantee,” he continued, “they’re taking note of this because going out there and saying one thing, ignoring your son’s malfeasance, ignoring his business dealings, ignoring the fact that he is a crackhead, we could all say ‘okay you could get over being a crackhead, good job… good job getting your life in check’.

“But when you’re talking about one of the most powerful families ignoring a child, meanwhile espousing family values and how you’re one of the people… why aren’t you taking the responsibility for this family member of yours?” McWilliams questioned. “What did she do to you? Nothing.”

“Your son is a crackhead and impregnated a stripper, that’s not that girl’s fault.”

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