WATCH: Hillary Imitates Trump Phone Call About Putin, Embarrasses Herself

Hillary Clinton performed a mock phone conversation involving President Trump and Russian President Vladimir Putin, a comedy bit that fell flat, to say the least.

Mrs. Clinton was speaking with Andrew Ross Sorkin at The New York Times’ DealBook conference when the pair began discussing the Ukraine hoax and subsequent impeachment proceedings.

“[Trump]’ could care less about a corruption Ukraine,” Clinton said knowing full well that the DNC worked on her behalf to get Ukraine to interfere in the 2016 election.

“What he wants is dirt on Joe Biden, whether it’s real or not, in fact from everything we know, it’s not so, give me something that I can use.”

Hillary then, for reasons known only to her, decided to imitate the President in a segment worse than an elementary school talent show.

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Clinton’s Trump Impersonation

Aside from doing a bad impersonation – she’s not a trained comedian like Adam Schiff – the statement she concocted was wholly unintelligent.

“Vladimir just told me in my last secret phone call with him, get Ukraine responsible for that!” Hillary bellowed.

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But why go the Schiff route and completely fabricate a fake conversation to make your point? Why, because the corruption involving Ukraine was purely on the side of the Democrats.

Just last month, an audio recording surfaced appearing to show a Ukraine official admitting to working with the Democratic National Committee (DNC) to aide Hillary Clinton’s campaign in 2016.

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Funny Hillary

In the interview, Clinton did actually move on to a statement that is genuinely funny.

“I do live rent-free in Donald Trump’s head, I’m aware of that,” Clinton, who has talked for three straight years about Trump beating he rin the election, claimed.

“But even for that, it’s hard to imagine how they could be sitting around at, you know, the golf club or whatever and say, ‘Oh we gotta prove that Ukraine interfered.'”

The reality is, Trump lives rent-free in her head. Why else would she be talking about him every time she makes a public appearance. Honestly, though, she was obsessed with him even before he became President.

Hillary is the same woman who claimed Trump was ogling her, that his presence on the stage was an invasion of her personal space and that she felt he was looking at her in a ‘creepy’ fashion.

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