WATCH: Heckler Calls Rep. Nadler a ‘Loser’ During Mueller Report Press Conference

Democratic Rep. Jerry Nadler was repeatedly interrupted by a heckler during a press conference addressing the findings of the Mueller report. The unnamed individual referred to Nadler as a ‘loser,’ and mocked Democrats for being ‘dirtbags.’

It’s unclear if the heckler was upset with the resistance party having conducted a witch hunt for nearly two years, or if they were upset that they weren’t successful in actually digging up evidence of collusion.

Nadler’s press conference, however, was one in which he continued to be unable to accept the results of the Mueller report, which handed President Trump total and complete vindication over the Russian collusion hoax.

The House Judiciary Committee Chair insisted that Attorney General Bill Barr testify before Congress when the heckler chimed in.

“You guys are a bunch of losers!” he shouted. “You guys lose again. You lose again, Nadler.”

The New York Democrat was less than amused.

The heckler added, “Good job, dirtbags, good job!”

Nadler Dismissed Findings

What would prompt a grown man to shout the word ‘loser’ in the direction of a lawmaker?

Perhaps it’s the utter devastation of the defeat Nadler and the Democrats just experienced as the Russian hoax collapsed all around them over the weekend. Or, perhaps it’s the fact that Nadler is in a complete state of denial over the results.

“We know there was collusion,” Nadler insisted time and again during an interview on CNN’s ‘State of the Union.’ “Why there’s been no indictments, we don’t know.”

The rest of the world knows why. Despite Mueller’s extensive investigation, there was zero evidence of collusion regardless of what Nadler says. And we’re going to guess Mueller’s research was a little more thorough.

Nadler Is a Loser

Throughout this process, Nadler has been one person with a lot to lose should the results have not panned out the way he wanted.

Just two months ago, Nadler declared that “the walls are closing in on the President.”

“The proof is beginning to be assembled of a vast conspiracy to defraud the American people,” he claimed.

Nadler also sought to flesh out the witch hunt, seeking documents from 81 Americans either currently working for, or associated with, the Trump Administration.

He knew full-well that collusion wasn’t going to ensnare the President or anyone in his circle, despite the lies he continues to spew forth even today.

A reporter at the press conference asked whether he had any concerns about how “the parties would move forward.”

“You’re behind, Nadler!” the heckler interrupted. “You’re not gonna move forward!”

He’s behind, he’s a loser, and he’s a member of a party of dirtbags. The heckler’s analysis is spot on.

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