Giuliani’s Reaction to Mueller Report Summary: ‘This Is a Complete and Absolute Victory’

Attorney for the president weighed in on Sunday — 'I've known this was a phony charge from the very beginning'

By PoliZette Staff | March 24, 2019

Speaking about Attorney General Bill Barr’s summary of special counsel Robert Mueller’s report — which found no evidence, after nearly two years of investigation, of any collusion between President Donald Trump or his associates and the Russian government — Rudy Giuliani said bluntly on Sunday on the Fox News Channel, “The president is absolutely correct to be very, very upset.”

He added, “I mean, this is a horrible thing. It is the president of the United States. It is a very tough man — but it is absolutely definitive that he was being investigated for a crime that never happened. There was never any collusion. I can tell you that because I was on that [presidential] campaign.”

“One of the reasons I’ve been so passionate is I know there was no collusion,” he also said. “I’ve known this is a phony charge from the very beginning. And we put the United States through this, with all these exaggerated statements from these Democrat politicians, that they have evidence that he colluded — where is this evidence? The president has told me numerous times, ‘No other president should ever have to go through this.’ I think there has to be a full and complete investigation with at least as much enthusiasm as this one, to figure out where did this charge emanate, who started it, and who paid for it.”

Giuliani also told Fox News, “This is a complete and absolute victory.”

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He said that the report — nearly two years in the making — indicates that there was “absolutely no collusion by anyone in the Trump campaign. So you have to wonder, Why did this investigation start in the first place?” He added that “second,” this shows there was “no obstruction.”

The former mayor of New York City then had a message for Democrats who might potentially try to find grounds for impeachment.

“I would just say to them please think about the country, no matter how much you like or dislike the president or agree or disagree with his policies or his conduct. He is the president. He has been unfairly treated with regard to collusion. Certainly they have to see that.”

“All of what they’re trying to do now is completely political. I hope some of them — I mean, I put out a tweet saying I hope that [Rep. Adam] Schiff [of California] and a couple of the others apologize for their overstate[ments]. Maybe we can get back to normal. I don’t imagine that’s going to happen.”

“But, look, the defense [against] impeachment is 50 percent of the American people think that the investigation was a witch hunt.”

Giuliani also said on Fox News that he had “great respect” for special counsel Robert Mueller.

“I certainly think one of the reasons this is a complete vindication [of President Trump] is this report from the special counsel emerges from a group of enormously partisan, rabid Hillary Clinton supporters. I can’t imagine how Bob hired such a biased staff,” he said.

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“These are people who were not just neutrals or just Democrats or just Republicans. These are people who are very, very active political activists for Hillary Clinton. One of them was the lawyer [for] the Clinton Foundation.”

“That’s absurd,” he also said. “This report is even more of an exoneration because it comes from completely the other side.”

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