Sarah Sanders Response to Rep. Nadler’s Probe Speaks For All Of Us

When White House Press Secretary Sarah Sanders saw Rep. Jerry Nadler’s huge document request affecting 81 Americans either currently working for the Trump Administration or associated with the Trump, she released a stinging rebuke of the congressman’s overreach.

Apparently, the Left knows the Mueller investigation is not going to produce the results they have hoped for. So, NOW they are launching another “investigation” which really will not be an investigation of any kind, but rather an “inquisition” with of course a pre-determined outcome.

Does anyone believe that at the end of this new inquisition – presuming there will even be an end – the Dems will come out and exonerate Trump of all allegations? Of course, not.

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This whole thing is specifically designed to target Trump and his administration in order to impeach him legislatively or otherwise. Democrats aren’t going to spend months to exonerate Trump. They are going to spend months railing via the opposition media, about how the “investigation” is revealing this “evil” and that “evil” about Trump and they will continue that right up until the 2020 election.

Tread carefully progressives, there is not one political person who does not have skeletons in their closet. Democrats are creating a situation where no matter who is president, the opposition party will investigate them for their entire term of office in hopes of finding something criminal in their past.

Do Democrats really want to set this dangerous precedent?

Here’s what President Trump had to say about it:

All 81 people should refuse to comply with this coercion. What are the Democrats going to do – find them in contempt of Congress?

That would just put them in good company with the 80 percent of the population that already finds Congress utterly contemptible. Contempt of these scumbags is a badge of honor, not a black mark on your record.

This is the precedent sniveling GOP careerists ought to be worried about, not Trump’s attempts to build a border barrier. The Left has now enshrined the principle that any GOP officeholder who is sufficiently threatening to their agenda can be endlessly investigated without any underlying criminal conduct, but just because they don’t like him.

Compare that to the GOP’s “nothing to see here” attitude when Obama actually committed crimes, like authorizing Fast and Furious, siccing the IRS on political opponents, and having his Attorney General meet with Clinton to discuss “grandkids.”

Finishing the investigation was never the point. That would limit the debate to proven facts. Conducting the investigation and disrupting Trumps administration with constant speculation was always and still remains the point.

Bottom line, this whole thing is a Democrat scam and is nothing more than pure governmental abuse and harassment of a sitting President.

Trump should order the new AG to open investigations into the personal conduct of all Democrat members of Congress because of “serious allegations.” Sauce for the Goose, and all that.

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