Watch: Democrat Lawmakers Get Into Huge BRAWL At Radio Station


What happens when two Democrat lawmakers are asked to civilly discuss issues affecting their community on a Gospel radio station?

Why, a fight breaks out of course.

That’s what happened when John Wiley Price, the longtime Dallas County Commissioner, and Dwaine Caraway, a former Dallas City council member, got together on KHVN Gospel radio.

Via Gateway Pundit:

Democrat Politics is a contact sport–

Democratic candidates John Wiley Price and Dwaine Caraway brawled today at KHVN radio station in Dallas.

John Wiley Price is a longtime Dallas County Commissioner. Dwaine Caraway is a former city council member. In the video Caraway can be heard screaming at Price, “I’m gonna get you!”

Police launched an assault investigation into the “altercation” but haven’t made any arrests at this time.

Check out video of the incident below …

John Wiley Price, it should be noted, is the same Democrat official who once demanded an apology from his colleague because he dared to call the Central Collections Office in Dallas a ‘black hole’. Because you know, black holes are racist.

Think that’s absurd? Price also took umbrage with the terms ‘devil’s food cake’ and ‘black sheep’. Also racist, he said.

And no, we’re not kidding.

The question becomes, if such mundane terms as ‘black sheep’ and ‘devil’s food cake’ are racist in the mind of Price, what would he call getting into an expletive-laden brawl with a black man like Caraway? Isn’t that infinitely more racist?

Comment: What did you think of the brawl between two Democrats at a Gospel radio station? How would you describe these two ‘pillars’ of their community? Share your thoughts below.

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