(WATCH) Dem MA Governor Maura Healey Cries Over Kids Needing Activities, Hands Rec Center Over To Illegal Aliens Anyway

Massachusetts Governor Maura Healey (D) grew emotional during a virtual meeting in which she discussed the conversion of a recreation center in Boston's Roxbury neighborhood to house illegal immigrants.
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Massachusetts Governor Maura Healey (D) grew emotional during a virtual meeting in which she discussed the conversion of a recreation center in Boston’s Roxbury neighborhood to house illegal immigrants.

The Melnea A. Cass Recreational Complex is described as a “large indoor arena for year-round fun” for “the whole family.”

But that fun is going to be put on pause for a bit.

Healey, in a letter to state and city officials earlier this week, confirmed her administration’s plan to convert the recreation center as an overflow site to house illegal immigrants currently overflowing at Logan International Airport.

Roxbury has been described as the “heart of Black culture in Boston.”

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Dem Gov Healey Cries For Kids Who Will Now Be Booted From Rec Center

There used to be a time in America when recreation centers were the key to keeping kids active and off the streets. Now, in Roxbury, it’s more important to get illegal immigrants active and off the streets.

Kids be damned. (Isn’t it odd that they opted for a rec center in a predominantly black neighborhood as opposed to a facility in, say, Martha’s Vineyard?)

Governor Healey, speaking at a recent meeting to discuss the move, fought back tears. For the children, of course!

“I get emotional, guys,” Healey said while crying. “I’m committed to this.”

“Little kids need to be able to breathe clean air,” she continued. “They need to be able to access swimming pools. They need to have lifeguards there who can teach them how to swim and they need to have activities. I don’t know what we’re going to do for a couple, three months. I’ll call universities, I’ll call other places.”

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Healey Wanted People To House Unvetted Aliens In Their Homes

Watching that video, a few obvious questions arise for Governor Healey. The first is – Why the crocodile tears about how kids are going to suffer yet you still kick them out in favor of illegal aliens anyway?

The second is – You’re going to “call universities” and “other places” now? Why didn’t you do that to begin with as opposed to your first choice: ruining the recreation activities of kids and their families?

The answer to both, of course, is that she prioritizes illegal immigrants over children.

The Boston Herald chronicled a track and field club at the recreation center where kids, every Saturday morning, “run around, throw a javelin or discus and bond with their friends.”

No more.

The club had its permit revoked and the club Treasurer explained, “We didn’t understand why at first, and we subsequently found out about the plan to use the Cass to house migrants.”

Literally revoking permits for a kids’ club to allow adult illegal alens to invade the center without a permit or document of any kind.

Governor Healey’s decision to convert the Melnea A. Cass Recreational Complex has prompted protests in the neighborhood.

Healey called in the National Guard to combat the illegal immigrant crisis in Massachusetts in September and asked private citizens of the Bay State to consider housing illegal immigrants in their homes.

“The new families coming to our communities are wonderful human beings,” she said. “They are ready to work. They are ready to contribute to our economies.”

Now, they’re ready to play, and kids in Roxbury will just have to suck it up until at least May.

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