Watch: Congresswoman Shows Hillary Her Stacks of Emails, Causes Meltdown at Benghazi Hearing

Susan Brooks

During today’s long-anticipated testimony by Hillary Clinton in front of the Benghazi Congressional committee, Representative Susan Brooks (R-IN) produced a visual display involving the former head of the State Department’s emails on Libya and the deteriorating situation that led to the Benghazi terror attacks.

Brooks concluded that the contrasting piles of emails show a “lack of interest” in the security situation for Ambassador Chris Stevens and three other Americans, all of whom would be killed in the September 11th, 2012 attack.

Brooks produced two piles of emails that had information and correspondence regarding Libya.  The first pile, in 2011, contained nearly 800 emails.  The second, as things grew worse for the ambassador in 2012, had only 67.

Why the drop off in Libya-related emails when the situation in Benghazi was clearly escalating?

Via The Blaze:

Rep. Susan Brooks (R-Ind.) literally confronted former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton with two piles of her emails during Thursday’s highly anticipated House Benghazi Committee hearing.

“I’d like to show you something,” Brooks said to Clinton as she pulled out the stacks of emails.

Brooks continued:

This pile represents the e-mails that you sent or received about Libya in 2011, from February through December of 2011. This pile represents the e-mails you sent or received from early 2012 until the day of the attack. There are 795 e-mails in this pile. We’ve counted them.  There’s 67 e-mails in this pile in 2012.

And I’m troubled by what I see here. And so my questions relate to these piles. This pile in 2011 I see daily updates. Sometimes is hourly updates from your staff about Benghazi and Chris Stevens.

When I look at this pile in 2012, I only see a handful of e-mails to you from your senior staff about Benghazi. We know from talking to your senior advisers that they knew, many of them are here today seated behind you, that they knew to send you important information.

I can only conclude by your own records that there was a lack in interest in Libya in 2012.

Watch Brooks’ demonstration here …

Clinton responded to Brooks by saying “I did not do the vast majority of my work by email.”

You’d like to convince the American people that you conducted nearly 12 times as much work via email in 2011 as you did the following year?  What, you discovered that snail mail and rotary phones worked better?

Here’s Clinton’s response below …

While Brooks’ theory that Clinton wasn’t focused enough on the situation in Libya and Benghazi is an interesting one, did she stop to consider that the dramatic drop off in e-mail content was maybe due to her and the State Department withholding information?

Because Hillary would never do that, right?

Comment:  What did you think of the Congresswoman employing visual aids to the Benghazi hearing? Effective, or political theater?

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