WATCH: An Exasperated Jake Tapper Delivers ‘Horrible’ News For Biden – 66% of Americans Think His Reelection Would Be ‘Disaster’ or ‘Setback’ to America

Jake Tapper was nearly beside himself as he delivered “horrible” polling numbers for President Biden on Thursday. In fact, the CNN anchor winced in mock pain as he delivered the devastating news.

The news in question? That a vast majority of the American people – 66% – believe Biden’s reelection in 2024 would be either a “disaster” or “setback” for America.

“Horrible news, horrible for Joe Biden in our new CNN poll,” Tapper said. “While the president leads his Democratic competitors by a huge margin, two-thirds of all of the American people surveyed, 66% of the public say that a Biden victory would either be a setback or a disaster for the United States.”

“When it comes to how voters see Joe Biden and another presidential term, I mean those are some bad numbers,” he admitted.

That had to be a personally devastating acknowledgment for Tapper regarding his muse.

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Tapper: Biden Poll Numbers Are Simply Horrible

Because math is hard, the numbers presented by political director David Chalian – 41% say Biden would be a disaster, 26% say it would be a setback – actually add up to 67%.

But we’ll cut Tapper some slack as it must have been hard to swallow reality live on air. Plus, who knows, perhaps the decimal breakdown of the actual numbers accounts for that missing 1%.

At the wildly delusional end of the spectrum, a victory for the President would be seen as a “step forward” by 27% or a “triumph” by 7% of Americans.

Republican frontrunner Donald Trump isn’t exactly seeing glowing numbers in the same poll, though they’re not as bad as Biden’s:

  • 44% disaster.
  • 12% setback.
  • 27% step forward.
  • 17% triumph.

67% view a Biden win as a disaster or setback compared to 56% who feel the same for Trump. 34% view a Biden win as a step forward or triumph compared to 44% who feel the same for Trump.

Tapper being Tapper, still tried to put a spin on it, suggesting the numbers are equally as devastating for both men.

“For both of them, most of the American people think electing them would be a disaster or a setback,” he pondered. “What a country!”

The 11 and 10-point differences are significant, especially for a poll conducted by CNN. They are indicative of trending momentum in Trump’s favor. Yet Tapper has to go the ‘it’s equally bad for everyone’ route.

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Brings on Election Denier to Discuss Biden’s Poll Numbers

It’s been a very rough week for CNN’s Jake Tapper. Aside from having to discuss Biden’s “horrible” poll numbers in this latest iteration, earlier this week he had to discuss the President’s approval numbers with noted multi-time election denier Stacey Abrams.

Oh, and Abrams was also there to promote her fiction book about an impeached President and an illegitimate Supreme Court.

I mean, if she wanted to write fiction her first foray into publishing should have been an autobiography titled How I Became Governor of Georgia.

Of other interest in the CNN poll, a stunning 20% of Democrat or Democrat-leaning independents back Robert F. Kennedy Jr. in the primary while another 8% support self-help author Marianne Williamson.

Man, if only somebody could convince Kennedy to run as an Independent.

Chalian seemed shocked that such a sizable chunk of support was being thrown toward Kennedy and was equally distraught over Biden’s approval numbers – 57% unfavorable to 35% favorable.

“Look at how Americans are rating him, Jake!” he said. “35% favorable that is remarkably low.”

Guess it depends on what prism you choose to look at the numbers through. That seems remarkably high considering the man has intentionally manufactured a nation-destroying border crisis, inflation crisis, gas crisis, and real wages crisis.

By any measure, President Biden has already been a ‘disaster’ or a ‘setback’ to America.

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Rusty Weiss

Rusty Weiss is a freelance writer focusing on the conservative movement and its political agenda. He has been following and analyzing the political climate for several years, and his writings have appeared in the Daily Caller, FoxNews.com and more.

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  • The yanks might be slow but they're not stupid - the cracks are showing in their 'mental' armour as Evangelical-Zionist-Nazis wake from their arrogant slumber and realise their so-called-loyal subjects are sneaking away to the enemy while their backs are turner - Go Russia, you beat the Axis while the back-stabbing yanks and pom’s were conspiring against you - don't be caught again - look at what the bastards have done to Palestine for example.

  • Why has komrad Biden not been permitted to be not held accountable for his retreat from Afhanistan in the manner that he did, permitting our 13 American Marines to be murdered, while leaving at least 80 billion dollars of military equipment behind, along with many American civilians, and the entire base in Kabul. What needs to be revealed, is who gave komrad Biden permission to retreat from Kabul, for surely it was not of his own volition. Komrad Biden is such a worthless effn Communst that there is nothing that he has accomplished in 50 years in American politics. Nothing, similar to the half-breed Obama and Hillary
    ROTTEN Clinton. And the fact that Bill Clinton, when he was POTUS permitted
    bin Laden to escape.

  • Tried to tell you left wingers and you refused to listen, so how does it feel when reality kicks you in the nards?

  • Actually, Jake if you had the gumption to cite other realistic and reliable polls you would have a nervous breakdown when you see that Biden approval in almost every polled point is disapproval closing in on 80%....but Lie, Cheat, and Steal is still the opportunity that put the basement mole in the WH and for the DIMs lightning is a hope that can strike twice.....

  • Well, Jake Tapper, you will be in shock when you read other Poll numbers that are worst then then CNNs. Do you, Jake, understand now why CNNs numbers are so low? Nobody watches you because we are sick of woke news and are done with you. Have a nice day.

  • Well Duh it doesn't take a brain surgeon to realize the Disaster that would be if Biden is reelected. Id like to ask those that said other wise, what he has done for the country, other than raising the debt and Deficit !

  • Biden cannot string a sentence together, walk up or down stairs, or remember
    what he did yesterday. Biden, Fetterman, & Feinstein are the best the dems have to offer.

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