Washington Post Now Reports Hunter Biden Received Nearly $5 Million From Chinese Oligarchs

The President’s son, Hunter Biden, was reportedly the beneficiary of millions of dollars in consulting fees from executives of a Chinese energy company, according to a new report by the Washington Post.

Some of the confirmation came from Hunter’s “Russian disinformation” laptop that the media now admits is real.

The latest news is derived from a sudden interest by the Post in the First Son’s laptop, originally reported on by the New York Post in October of 2020.

While the newspaper does state that “many aspects” of the cozy financial arrangement between Hunter Biden and CEFC China Energy had been examined in a Senate report from 2020, the Washington Post was able to find new corroborating documents and evidence.

“Over the course of 14 months, the Chinese energy conglomerate and its executives paid $4.8 million to entities controlled by Hunter Biden and his uncle, according to government records, court documents and newly disclosed bank statements, as well as emails contained on a copy of a laptop hard drive that purportedly once belonged to Hunter Biden,” they write.

Hunter’s ties to the Chinese energy company, they explain, “illustrate the ways in which [President Biden’s] family profited from relationships built over Joe Biden’s decades in public service.”

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The Laptop is Real

The latest Washington Post report on Hunter Biden involving multimillion-dollar deals with a Chinese energy company marks the second effort by the newspaper in as many days to finally cover and admit the contents of the infamous ‘laptop from hell’ are real.

On Wednesday, well over 17 months after the New York Post first reported on the bombshell revelations being culled from his laptop, the Post admitted emails attained from it can be confirmed as genuine.

The media collectively buried the original New York Post story involving emails found on Hunter’s laptop prior to the presidential election. The outlet was censored on social media at the time – before the election – for sharing the story.

For their part in the cover-up, the Post ran stories stating the emails were “unverified” and published a news analysis dismissing the reporting on the matter as “sketchy.”

Democrats, intelligence officials, and the media all labeled the story ‘Russian disinformation.’ 

In reality, what is ‘sketchy’ is suppressing a story until it’s relatively safe for your hand-picked President to emerge relatively unscathed when reality finally seeps in.

Hunter Biden and the Chinese Energy Company

While we all know what was at play in the Washington Post initially refusing to investigate Hunter Biden’s ties to the Chinese energy company, CEFC China Energy, it doesn’t take away from the importance of the piece.

“Accounts linked to Hunter Biden received $3.8 million in payments from CEFC through consulting contracts,” the outlet reveals.

The President’s son received a $1 million retainer to represent Patrick Ho, who was convicted and sentenced to three years in prison for bribing leaders from foreign nations.

The Post notes they “did not find evidence that Joe Biden personally benefited from or knew details about the transactions” with CEFC.

These details and this story about ties to China were all out there in the open or ripe for the reporting by the mainstream media before the election and well before President Biden’s inauguration.

A documentary out prior to the election claimed Hunter’s numerous business deals in China “served” the communist country and its military.

Tony Bobulinski, a former business associate of Hunter’s turned whistleblower, claimed the elder Biden discussed business dealings with his son and suggested the Democrat is also compromised by the Chinese Communist Party.

An email obtained by Fox News at the time appeared to outline a payout for Biden in a joint venture with CEFC China Energy.

It included a proposed equity split of “20” for “H” and “10 held by H for the big guy?”

Bobulinski, in an interview with Tucker Carlson, insisted the ‘big guy’ is a reference to Joe Biden.

supplemental report produced by Senate Finance Committee Chairman Chuck Grassley (R-IA) and Senate Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee Chairman Ron Johnson (R-WI) claims documents contain evidence “that confirm the connections between the Biden family and the communist Chinese government.”

Each of those details were available in 2020.

Even now, as the evidence mounts and media outlets relent, New York Post columnist Miranda Devine suggests the media is desperately trying to keep the “big guy” – Joe Biden – out of the story.

Devine references comments made by CNN White House correspondent John Harwood who admitted the laptop shows that Hunter was “trading on his ­father’s name to make a lot of money.”

“Both the Washington Post and CNN were at pains to absolve Joe Biden of any involvement in the scheme,” Devine adds.

Harwood for example claimed, “There is zero evidence that Vice President Biden, or President Biden, has done anything wrong in connection with what Hunter Biden has done.”

That is a disclaimer you would, without a doubt, never find added to a potential story about former President Trump and any of his family members.

Rusty Weiss

Rusty Weiss is a freelance writer focusing on the conservative movement and its political agenda. He has been following and analyzing the political climate for several years, and his writings have appeared in the Daily Caller, FoxNews.com and more.

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