Warren’s ABSURD Plan if Dems Win in 2020

Sen. Elizabeth Warren claims Dems could also offer up national emergencies of their own to offset the one President Trump declared over a week ago, once they get back in the White House. She cited climate change, student loan debt, and gun violence as reasons to use the act.

Let’s be clear: President Trump declared a national emergency to protect the American people from drug smugglers, child traffickers, and illegal immigration.

Trump’s “wall” is a response to a valid national crisis. Our country is being invaded by a horde of ill-educated, non-vaccinated drug mules, human traffickers, and would-be welfare recipients. The security of our borders is an enumerated responsibility of the federal government.

The “emergencies” Warren posits, on the other hand, are all policy choices she knows would never get passed by Congress. None of them are responsibilities given to the federal government in the Constitution.

As for AOC: she can’t even get traction on her “Green New Deal” with her fellow sponsors of the resolution. That may be an “emergency” for her, but it’s not a national one.

Sen. Elizabeth Warren told CBS’s “The Late Late Show” on Tuesday that she would declare national emergencies for climate change, gun violence, and student loan debt if she was elected president.

Host James Corden asked Warren, in light of the president’s Friday declaration, what would constitute a national emergency to her if she were president.

“Oh, let’s do a list,” Warren said. “Climate change, gun violence, student loan debt, right off the top. That’s what we ought to be working on. And we ought to be working on it together. Congress, the President, as a country, those are things we should be working on.”

Excerpt via Real Clear Politics

For one thing, climate change isn’t a “national emergency” because man-made climate change isn’t happening. There is ZERO evidence that anything mankind is doing is having any effect whatsoever on the climate. Every single prediction from the climate change scare-mongers has failed to materialize.

Coastal regions haven’t gone underwater. The ice caps haven’t melted. We haven’t seen any change of the average temp beyond natural fluctuations. Why would we attempt to take action against something that isn’t happening?

Why would we attempt to take action against something that we have no control over? When the climate does change (as it has thousands of times in Earth’s 4.5B year history), it has been because of uncontrollable factors. Such as increased or decreased sunspot activity, volcanic eruptions, and asteroid/comet collisions with Earth.

The climate change scam is purely a means to transfer wealth from the rich countries (primarily the U.S.) to corrupt third world countries.

Trump’s “National Emergency” is specific and is meant to protect the citizens of a sovereign nation. Warren’s “National Emergencies” are meant to control the citizens of a sovereign nation.

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