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Sandra Bernhard Hillary Clinton
March 15, 2020
Sandra Bernhard of “Roseanne” fame said that none of this coronavirus chaos would be happening under the “rightful president” Hillary Clinton.
Cher Trump
March 13, 2020
Cher has nonsensically called for President Donald Trump to be removed from office, saying that he’ll kill thousands of Americans if he isn’t.
March 13, 2020
President Trump hammered the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) over issues surrounding the testing of coronavirus.
March 13, 2020
President Donald Trump will declare a national state of emergency as the US braces for the coronavirus pandemic this afternoon.
March 14, 2019
When the President is not allowed to do his job, even when he has the legal and constitutional right, it’s […]
February 22, 2019
Sen. Elizabeth Warren claims Dems could also offer up national emergencies of their own for climate change, student loan debt, and gun violence.
February 15, 2019
President Donald Trump said he expects court challenges over declaring a national emergency to secure border wall funding.
February 15, 2019
As Donald Trump declared a national emergency to get the funding for his border wall, self-described socialist Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.
February 15, 2019
The president, speaking at the White House on Friday morning, shared his latest actions to defend and protect the United States of America
February 5, 2019
President addressed the illegal immigration stalemate during his SOTU speech
February 1, 2019
On Friday, President Donald Trump hinted that he could announce a national emergency along the border during his State of the Union.
February 1, 2019
In a new interview with the New York Times, President Trump dropped his biggest hint yet that he’s preparing to declare a national emergency.