Sorry Congress: Trump Has Every Right to Protect Our Border

When the President is not allowed to do his job, even when he has the legal and constitutional right, it’s over. Every action Trump has taken, under his legal mandate, is to protect the people and the Nation our Congress and judicial have done everything they could to deny him his rights.

The National Emergency Declaration was within Trump’s right to use to protect Americans at the southern border after Congress wouldn’t back his play with funds for the wall.

On Thursday, President Trump reminded Senate Republicans if they side with the resolution offered by Democrats against the National Emergency declaration, they are essentially giving Nancy Pelosi a victory and hurting the American people.

The voters have turned our Congress over to the big money donors, just like the Congress turned their power over to the president to avoid making any decisions. Everyone remembers how they gave up their power to George W. Bush after 9/11 and then gave more of it to Barack Obama. Now that Trump is using the power for the people, they want it back.

Under a 1976 law, presidents have wide discretion in determining when a national emergency has occurred. Congress can vote to block an emergency declaration, but the two-thirds majorities required to overcome presidential vetoes make it hard for lawmakers to prevail. Lee’s proposal says a presidential emergency would last 30 days unless Congress votes to extend it. It would apply to future emergencies, but would not Trump’s current border emergency unless it is refiled next year, as is required annually by law to be continued. A vote on Lee’s plan was expected after Congress returns from a recess later this month. [excerpt via Fox News]

The House of Representatives is elected by popular vote in their district. Senators were to be elected by a vote in the State’s Legislature. Thus, the people are represented, and the State is represented. And, the Founders envisioned that the lawmaking process would not be easy, requiring the passage in both bodies and signed by the President. They knew that making too many laws was not a good thing.

So, they gave the President power as Commander in Chief to defend the Nation. Which, at that time included protecting our borders, which we used to do with the military, even going so far as to send in the US Army into Mexico to stop raids by Mexican bandits in the early 20th century.

Bottom line, the President has the authority to protect our borders. The Open Borders crowd, Democrats or Republicans can go pound sand.

When the Senate blocked Trump’s order on Thursday, he had just one word for them.


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