War on Police Continues After This Alarming 911 Call Received

Police lights by night

A disturbing call made to 911 in Aurora, Colorado have police in the Denver area on high alert. On Sunday, someone called threatening police.

“It’s time that you guys know we are no longer playing around with the police departments. Aurora and Denver, we are about to start striking fear, shooting down all cops that we see by their selves. This will go for the sheriff’s department. You guys are evicting innocent people. Let us catch you by yourself and it’s shots fired.”


This comes at a time when there have been so many recent attacks on police officers, that a war on police seems real. Aurora police are investigating a shooting from Sunday evening where police officers were called to a scene and shot at. The timing is suspicious, but it is not clear if that attack was coordinated with the threatening phone call.

Denver area police are committed to doing their jobs even with the threats and the anti-police sentiment throughout the country.

“It’s going on nationally. It’s going to come here. There’s nobody that’s immune to it. Nobody in law enforcement,” Denver police Det. Nick Rogers said. “We accept it because that’s one of the things that when we signed up, we know that these things are going to happen.”

What will need to be done to stop these attacks and threats against police officers? Please comment below.

H/T: Louder With Crowder

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