Voters Continue to Sour on Hillary After She Refuses to Answer THIS Important Question


The Keystone XL Pipeline is a divisive topic for Democrats. It pits environmentalists and unions and people who seek energy independence against each other. Therefore, it’s a topic that many voters want to have a concrete answer on before casting their votes.

Hillary Clinton was asked to provide a yes or no answer about Keystone at a New Hampshire townhall. And she refused to give her opinion on the topic until after the election, instead deferring to the President.

“This is President Obama’s decision, and I am not going to second-guess him because I was in a position to set this in motion, and I do not think that would be the right thing to do. So I want to wait and see what he and Secretary Kerry decide. If it is undecided when I become president, I will answer your question.”

As the previous Secretary of State, Hillary should be well versed on the topic and should have her own opinion as to how she would either pursue or stifle the project. She answered questions regarding ISIS without deferring to President Obama, so her non-response is simply a political strategy — how not to divide Democrat primary voters. She also refused to answer a question about it last year while in Canada.

CNN’s New Day even held Hillary accountable for not answering the important question. They caught up with Bruce Blodgett, who asked the straightforward question.

“I thought she avoided the question completely. Her excuse was she didn’t want to step on President Obama while he was still in office. I just thought that was a very weak answer. I just wanted to know where she stands on it one way or another. Part of running for President is that you gotta give an answer.”

She is not willing to answer the question. She is putting it off until after the election. Her hope is that it won’t matter. But it does matter to a lot of people.”

Hillary’s campaign spent the rest of the day attempting to spin the former First Lady’s refusal to state her opinion on this topic that is important to many Americans.

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H/T: Free Beacon

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