VOTER FRAUD! Before The OH Primary, Voters Noticed Something STRANGE On The Ballot… Do You See It?

If you had any doubt that the political establishment was trying to mess with conservative businessman Donald J. Trump, you have to see what’s going on in the Buckeye State!

In Ohio, where John Kasich is the Governor and the Secretary of State is a Republican, voters in the GOP primary are already casting their ballot in the mail. More than 70,000 ballots have already been filled out and mailed back.

And as the video explains (below,), while the Democrat ballot is easy to read, the Republican ballot is ridiculously confusing! This primary is “winner take all” so it will have a major impact on the final delegate count for the Republican convention.

The way the voting is shown on the ballot, Republicans actually have the chance to vote for President… TWICE!

Every Republican primary voter in Ohio has two opportunities to vote for president, in a ballot twist that’s only escalating the potential confusion caused by the party’s large and fractious field of candidates.

GOP ballots for the March 15 primary feature two boxes for president, one for designating an at-large presidential delegate and one for designating a delegate for the voter’s congressional district. It’s a carry-over from a time when Ohio’s Republican vote was divided proportionally, rather than in the winner-take-all fashion being used in 2016.

The Secretary of State’s office says both boxes will be tallied. However, Republicans say only the at-large vote will count.

Further complicating matters? Ballots still list 11 Republican at-large presidential candidates and up to 10 district candidates. Only four remain in the primary race.

If it’s confusing enough for national political reporters, this problem is certain to cause problems for the average Ohio Republican voter who may not know what’s going on. This is guaranteed to have a major impact on the final outcome.

In comparison, this is how straight-forward the Democrat ballot is:

Easy, right?

Are Ohioans supposed to check a box at the top if they want their candidate to win? Or will checking both boxes get an extra vote? Ohio election officials don’t even know…

Governor John Kasich has some serious explaining to do. This type of voter fraud must be exposed, before it’s too late!

What’s going on in Ohio? Please leave us a comment (below) and tell us what you think!


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  • Where computer ballots are used, we have seen this kind of thing beforre. We need a paper ballot with the voter's signature to back up a re-count and in case the computer system goes down.

    • How right you are, Roger. These machines can be rigged. A vote that requires a signature is harder to rig. I had to sign my paper ballot. That's the best way to vote. People need to request paper ballots to stop this criminal action.

  • In previous elections Ohio awarded delegates both statewide. This year Ohio went to statewide winner take all.
    NEXT; vote by mail: In Ohio you CANNOT JUST SUSPEND your campaign! You have TO FORMALLY WITHDRAW as a candidate! If you withdraw by the proper date to have your name removed from the ballot it is removed. If you withdraw after the 'final proofing of the ballot' your name will remain on the ballot! With my vote by mail instructions I received a "Candidate Withdrawal List" containing 1 name [Rand Paul]!
    NEXT; early voting at Board of Elections: See above: NOTE: If you want to see the "Candidate Withdrawal List" or the "Write In Candidate List" you have TO ASK to see the lists.
    NEXT; voting at your local location: See above: NOTE: In order to see these lists YOU HAVE TO ASK the 2 people sitting by the poll books & giving your ballot!

    MY WISH: The above video is corrected to add the suspended/withdrawal/write in information.

  • the ronies in Washington must have a lot to hide they sure do not want trump in there letting the cat out of the bag. lot of hush hush

  • Talk about rotten human nature...its all over the place. I truly believe those that are bringing about this sort of thing are putting themselves in a very bad position, not only with the law, but with God too. There is a need to do what is right and people have the right to vote freely without high power no it all's trying to fix votes.

  • If you was watching while that voting was going on, fox 13 news said that there was something going on with fraudulent remarks coming from the voters. But Nothing more after that. Donald Trump said that he would go with the voters to make sure that this fraud thing didn't happen again, but there were people that stated that they had noticed double forms being handed out, and forms that had names with check marks of Marko Rubio marked when they tried to mark Donald Trump. A coincidence? I think not. We still have crookedness going on in those polls, maybe we need to go back to the old style of voting, less fraud that way.

    • Marilyn, I have sasid the first time I used a computer to cast a ballot that it was subject to voter fraud. So easy to program a computer. Not so easy to change a paper ballot, just longer to count.
      Even in a small community, people will screw one another.

  • The difference between democrat voter fraud and republican voter fraud? The spelling is different. The collusion within the RNC; only certified, bona fide members of the inner corps will be supported, and the occasional outsider trying to regain entrance after his miserable failure (Romney) would make any intelligent conservative shudder and leave the party. If Trump is the popular choice of the people, he should be the party candidate and the RNC needs to shed it's cape of distrust and attempt to regain the confidence of the people.

  • Thank you for watching those ballots in each State! Keep up the good work and closely watch everything, so that this time we have a good race. I am sick of cheating politics. Watch closely!!

  • The GOP has turned out to be just like the CLINTONS and the OBAMAS. Crooks & liars. They are so afraid that TRUMP will do a great job at cleaning up the Government..... they are trying to make sure that Trump will not win. TOO BAD .....True legal citizens will only want to vote for TRUMP. You have done nothing but tell us that he is the best choice...TRUMP IN 2016

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