Days before the midterm elections, Vice Magazine released a profile of an American who accused the state of Tennessee of disenfranchising him back in 2016. But, there’s an embarrassing catch: he was not a legal resident of state in which he tried to vote.

Even so, that hasn’t stopped liberals from screaming “VOTER SUPPRESSION!” as if the slight details of non-residence doesn’t matter.

The story starts off innocently enough. The author, Davis Winkie, writes:

When I was preparing to vote in 2016, my wife and I were living in north Nashville while I was playing football at Vanderbilt University. We registered to vote—that went off without a hitch, because Tennessee has online voter registration. We found that very convenient and we didn’t really think too much more of it. We had valid Georgia IDs, and assumed we could use those at the polls to satisfy Tennessee’s voter ID law.

Lo and behold, Tennessee has this super bigoted voter-id law that requires a valid Tennessee driver’s license in order to vote. Winkie straight up admits to not registering his and his wife’s car in Tennessee in order to avoid the insurance hike. Take a look at this incredible admission:

Our vehicles were registered in our parents’ names, and we had Georgia driver’s licenses. Registering the vehicles in Tennessee would have incurred a pretty significant tax burden, and getting a Tennessee driver’s license, we were led to believe by our insurance agents, would be a problem for us to since then we’d be listed as drivers on our parents’ cars without Georgia licenses.

Gee, that sure sounds like insurance fraud to me!

So let’s get this straight. In order to avoid registering his car in Tennessee and paying increased insurance costs, Winkie effectively disenfranchised himself.

Winkie went to vote anyway, and was given a provisional ballot because he had no proof of being legally registered to vote in Tennessee. His provisional ballot didn’t count. And, just to be clear, deliberately attempting to vote in an area you aren’t legally registered to vote in can only be called one thing: voter fraud.

Winkie was mocked ruthlessly on Twitter for trying to vote in a state where he wasn’t registered as a legal resident:

To make matters worse, Winkie actually admits to keeping his voter registration in Georgia in a piece he wrote in 2016:

Again, he knowingly tried to vote in Tennessee while acknowledging his registration was in Georgia! Throughout the entire piece, Winkie trashes the Republicans for their voter-ID laws, which indicates that he’s probably of the liberal persuasion. Any takes on a bet that he votes straight Democrat?

The Political Insider’s own Rusty Weiss points out that this sob story attempts to portray Winkie as a downtrodden minority, disenfranchised by cruel white Republicans. The only problem is, he’s as white as an onion.

What an all around pathetic story. Not only does the author cop to attempting to defraud the voter system, but he admits to gaming the insurance system.

Democrats seriously think this kind of story will help their narrative that Republicans are evil vote-suppressors. It does the exact opposite.