Colin Kaepernick – Eat your heart out.

In fact, any of the uber-privileged, under-educated, overly-dramatic athletes who have been kneeling, sitting, or throwing up fists during the playing of our national anthem could take some notes on patriotism from students at Lansingburgh High School.

The small high school in upstate New York recently played host to a volleyball contest between the hometown Knights and their opponent, the Albany Academy for Girls.

When a technical malfunction prevented the National Anthem from being played, the students in the gym took over and sang an impromptu version of their own.

George Genthner, a captain for the local fire department, confirmed there was “a technical problem with the PA.”

The students ad-libbed in the most patriotic way possible!

The YouTube description of the video reads simply and appropriately, “When we have issues we come together as one.”

We don’t kneel. We don’t whine. We don’t disrespect the men and women who fought for that flag.

We unite.

Marc Fruscio posted the video on Facebook and explained that the anthem “wouldn’t play at the Burgh Volleyball game” before the students took over. Fruscio, who is listed as the boys basketball coach at Lansingburgh, said he was “very proud of the students in attendance.”

“The kids just took over,” MaryLynn Kaufmann Rafferty recalled. “It was awesome.”

The ‘Burgh Athletic Department, justifiably proud of their athletes as well, took to social media and boasted, “So proud of the students at Lansingburgh High School today for singing the National Anthem at the volleyball game.”

Contrast the Lansingburgh athletes and their response to that of the Rochester boys soccer team, who collectively took a knee during the national anthem at a game earlier this week.

Comment: Who do you support – The girls volleyball team at Lansingburgh for singing the national anthem, or the boys soccer team at Rochester for disrespectfully taking a knee. Share your thoughts and support below.

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