Viral Headlines About ’40 Beheaded Babies’ Not Confirmed And Even Walked Back, Despite Media And Biden Claims

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Editor’s note: The Jerusalem Post has now claimed to have seen images of “burnt and decapitated babies.”

Viral headlines about Hamas militants beheading Israeli babies have not been confirmed, despite what you very likely have read on every major media outlet in America.

And let’s get this out of the way off the bat – It doesn’t matter how babies, children, mothers, the elderly, or any age range of civilians were slaughtered by Hamas terrorists. Their actions were an abomination no matter the level of depravity.

But the truth still matters in some circles. And the White House, prominent Democrats, and the media all came out and insisted the story of beheaded babies had been “confirmed,” some even saying that they had seen the images with their own eyes.

The story, it seems, began with an Israeli News organization known as i24NEWS, which reported on Tuesday morning that the Al-Qassam Brigades, “beheaded many Israeli babies.”

Similarly, a correspondent of The Independent, Bel Trew, posted about decapitated children, but later clarified her X social media post and added, “We had not been shown the bodies.”

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Reports Of Beheaded Babies Have Not Been Confirmed

Stone Cold Steve Austin always went by the mantra of DTA – Don’t Trust Anybody. The phrase is a good one to keep in mind as we watch the war in the Middle East unfold, and trigger-happy politicians and media personalities try to coax us ever closer into a worldwide conflict.

In addition to Trew’s clarification, the Turkish news agency Anadolu almost immediately reported that the IDF (Israel Defense Forces) would not or could not confirm the claim.

Guardian reporter Bethan McKernan posted on X, formerly known as Twitter, that she was “horrified” over the headlines circulating about beheaded babies when the information had not been confirmed.

“Yes, many children were murdered. Yes, there were several beheadings in the attack,” she wrote. “This claim, however, is unverified and totally irresponsible.”

A French reporter based in Jerusalem, Samuel Forey, wrote on X that he “verified with two emergency services … that have collected many corpses,” both of which “affirm that they have not witnessed such atrocities, without saying that it did not exist.”

Again, it doesn’t matter how many innocent babies died in these Hamas terrorist attacks. And we’re at a stage where it might yet end up being true – it just hasn’t been confirmed. Their actions were heinous and the terrorists should held accountable for their war crimes.

But if one is ever to trust officials, authorities, and the media again, the media needs to get confirmation of these things before reporting on them.

Especially when we all saw reports once upon a time about Weapons of Mass Destruction being spread by irresponsible media outlets as a means to glorify or promote the Iraq war effort.

There are even more recent examples of the fog of war leading to unconfirmed reports that circulated widely before being confirmed, then later proven to be fake news.

Anybody remember Ukraine president Volodymyr Zelensky saying that he needs “ammuntion, not a ride”? Yea, fake news. The Ghost of Kyiv was never real. That story about a defiant group of 13 Ukrainian border guards defending Snake Island in the Black Sea who reportedly told a Russian warship to “go f*** yourself” after being ordered to surrender? Also not accurate.

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Biden Insisted He Saw It With His Own Eyes

President Joe Biden, despite the story of beheaded babies having never been confirmed, told reporters that he had seen proof with his very own eyes.

“It matters that Americans see what’s happening,” he told reporters. “I mean, I’ve been doing this a long time. I never really thought that I would see – have confirmed pictures of terrorists beheading children.”

But it hadn’t been confirmed, as you’re aware, and a White House spokesperson later, according to the Washington Post, “clarified that US officials and the President have not seen pictures or confirmed such reports independently.”

Representative Gregory Meeks (D-NY), former chair of the House Committee on Foreign Affairs, while flanked by other Democrat lawmakers who parroted his comments, insisted classified intelligence had confirmed that babies were in fact beheaded.

The journalists who claimed that the accounts were confirmed are many. They all seem to be basing that ‘confirmation’ on other reports.

The fact that this has to be discussed speaks to the horror and depravity of Hamas’ actions. It could end up being accurate.

Regardless of confirmation or not, over 1,300 Israelis were killed in the attacks. 25 Americans were also killed, with another 17 unaccounted for.

A sickening attack by any measure.

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