VIDEO: Sixth Grader Embarrasses Mainstream Media and Obama Simultaneously

Last week, President Obama participated in a “virtual field trip” sponsored by Discovery Education. The President answered questions from students about reading. But, the person getting the spotlight wasn’t the President. Sixth grader Osman Yahya, who moderated the discussion, was praised for controlling the interview and preventing the President from getting off task in answering the questions.

President Obama is known for his lengthy answers.  When he began to repeat himself and go on about his love for reading, the Maryland sixth grader cut him off so the President could answer more questions.

“I think you’ve sort of covered everything about that question.”

When asked about the interview afterwards, Yahya stated that he was concerned for the students and didn’t want the President speaking for too long which would delay the students’ lunchtime.

“I didn’t mean to cut him off. I was just nudging him to get on…Most students were hungry.”

H/T: Politico

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