Video: As Impeachment Inquiry Starts, Schumer Says He’s Ready To Sit And Discuss Senate Rules With McConnell

So it seems Sen. Chuck Schumer wants to implement “impeachment reform” because the rules for impeachment that are already in place are going to unravel their evil little plans.

On Sunday, Schumer said, “I’m ready to sit down with Leader McConnell and try to come up with fair rules [on impeachment]. There’s no reason why we shouldn’t be able to do that.”


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Remember all the squawking we heard over the need for immigration reform? Same deal. The laws were in place, collecting dust, and they needed to be torn apart before someone like President Trump came along and decided to stop ignoring them.

In other words, Schumer knows this unfair sham isn’t going to fly in the Senate, so he’s setting it up to try and make it look like the Republican majority is being unfair.

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Except, it’s the Dems in the House that are being unfair, and Schumer is wholly supportive of their despicable efforts. The Senate, in good conscience, cannot prosecute in the event the House passes impeachment against the President, as the Dems are manipulating the process in bad faith to ensure impeachment is passed with absolutely no regard to whether it is an appropriate remedy.

The Democrats have made politics into a twisted circus.

Here’s a little side note to McConnell. If you give up just a little bit to Schumer, expect the worst. I don’t trust the majority leader farther than I can throw him. He plays these games that we know aren’t in Trump’s favor, but not many are saying anything publicly because that’s how people are these days.

Trump needs to call in McConnell and remind him how he gave him two omnibus bills that totaled nearly $3 trillion. Then he needs to tell him that he has signed three spending increases that equal into the trillions and later remind him that he will not stand for failure on this impeachment inquiry farce.