Liberals are all in a tizzy following news that Netflix signed Barack and Michelle Obama to a multi-year deal producing original content for the streaming giant, but at least one liberal isn’t thrilled about the Obamas’ new gig: former Mexican president Vicente Fox. (RELATED: Netflix Signs Michelle and Barack Obama to Multi-Year Deal).

Fox spoke with TMZ while in Washington, D.C. on Tuesday – and he outright scolded the Obamas for focusing on money instead of dedicating themselves to the “public arena.”

Specifically, Fox implored the Obamas to spend their time and effort ensuring Republican defeat in the November primaries. “They can make money later,” he said. “Let’s work for the United Nations and the world.”

Just like a typical liberal: prioritizing the wants and needs of the world over the wants and needs of the American people. Watch below.

But Fox is also a typical liberal in that’s he’s a giant hypocrite. While he shamed the Obamas for joining Netflix, he himself has built quite the YouTube following. You see, Fox has filmed a handful of “comedy” videos with Turner Broadcasting-owned entertainment company Super Deluxe. Each video has around a million views, and all are “inspired” by Fox’s tweets during the 2016 campaign and throughout Donald Trump’s presidency.

For example, in one video Fox announces his candidacy for 2020, proclaiming that his Mexican citizenship shouldn’t matter.  “If that worn-out baseball glove tightly gripping a turd can become president, anyone can,” he says.

Earlier this month, Fox won a Webby Award for the videos. In his acceptance speech, he proclaimed that Trump “is obsessed with power […] because he has some type of a psychological complex.”

But here’s the kicker: Fox claims he doesn’t make the videos for attention. He’s just concerned about America. “I don’t want to see this nation running away from leading the world. I don’t want to see this nation enclosed in four walls,” he said.

Pompousness disguised as altruism – yet another liberal trademark. Fox should mind his own business and butt out of American politics.

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