Vernon Jones Hammers Sharpton For His Call To Elevate Kamala Harris

MSNBC host Al Sharpton plans on pressing President Biden to give Vice President Kamala Harris more “power” in his administration.

That notion is laughable, according to conservative favorite and Georgia gubernatorial candidate Vernon Jones, a one-time Democrat turned Republican.

“Let me make sure I understand this, [Al Sharpton] is meeting with [Biden] about [Harris] giving more meaningful duties?” he scoffed. “She hasn’t done the job she has.”

Jones went on to suggest somebody needs to address Biden’s own dereliction of duty.

Sharpton made the comments during an interview with the online magazine, The Root.

He suggested Harris should be used more effectively by the White House and that she should be placed in “a strong position, not marginal positions.”

Sharpton believes putting her in charge of expanding voter access through such methods as vote-by-mail and early voting, was the right call, but questioned her one other assignment – immigration czar.

Sharpton went on to say he “will continue to fight for her (Harris) to be in a position of power because we want to see her thrive” and that “he will speak directly to the President” in the coming days.

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Al Sharpton: Give Kamala Harris More Power

Al Sharpton believes Kamala Harris, who has failed miserably at one of her few responsibilities – solving the immigration crisis – should be given more power.

Biden called Harris to action back in March explaining that he will “need help stemming the movement of so many folks, stemming the migration to our southern border.”

Look how that has turned out.

Instead of stemming anything, while a record number of migrants were surging the border in August, Harris and her handlers were busy recruiting child actors for a completely scripted YouTube series regarding space exploration.

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Harris Isn’t Qualified

Fox News contributor and media analyst Joe Concha slammed Al Sharpton’s insistence that Kamala Harris is bestowed with more power within the administration.

He believes she should resolve the humanitarian crisis at the border before moving on to other tasks.

“Just spitballing here, shouldn’t the vice president show she could do one job well before [she is] given more jobs in this situation?” Concha scoffed.

Concha, who has previously referred to Harris’ handling of the immigration crisis as “a profound disaster,” says the facts speak for themselves.

“We see it firsthand,” he said. “You have spoken to Border Patrol and hear the same thing….’we are getting no help from Washington. The president and V.P. do not care…’ yet here is Sharpton saying give her more responsibility.”

Concha proceeded to joke that Kamala Harris can’t be put in charge of, say, controlling a spike in violent crime in America since she “advocated a bail fund for rioters in Minneapolis.”

One man freed by that bail fund was later charged with murder.

Why anyone would listen to Sharpton continues to escape the grasp of those with more than three brain cells.

Sadly though, you just know President Biden is going to listen to him and most likely take his advice seriously.

Perhaps there is a professional bond between the two. A bond in which neither is competent enough to read off a teleprompter.

But I digress.

A fairly recent poll by Rasmussen Reports finds the American people might disagree with Al Sharpton on the matter of giving Kamala Harris more power.

A good chunk – 58 percent – don’t believe Harris is qualified to be President, with a good 47 percent of that group saying she is “not at all qualified.”

Just 38 percent believe she is qualified to lead the nation.

In reality, Harris is just as qualified to lead on anything as Biden is qualified to be President, and Sharpton is qualified to do your taxes.

Which is to say, why are any of these people in a position of power at all? How did we get here as a country?


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