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Ventura Cross Remains Standing Despite California Wildfires

In what many have viewed as a miracle, the iconic Serra Cross residing in a Ventura Park has survived the California wildfires that swept through the area and remains standing for all to see.

The Cross is a popular tourist attraction and the site of many wedding over the years.

“The most striking landmark is an enormous cross that is a replica of one placed during the Mission Era,” a Ventura city website reads. “In later years it also let passing ships know the town’s whereabouts.”

Ventura and Santa Barbara counties are currently being ravaged by the fifth-largest fire in California history.

Yet somehow, throughout all the devastation, the Serra Cross remains standing. And some people find that to be a possible miracle.

You can see an image of the Ventura Cross before the wildfires struck below …

Here is an aerial view of the location in 2015 …

According to ABC 7, the current version of the cross has stood on this site since World War II. An original placement on that hill happened in 1782.

Rumors about the cross being destroyed in the wildfires spread throughout social media, but were quickly corrected with photographic evidence.

The cross, according to KEYT 3 News, has been the subject of complaints in the past.

“The Serra Cross has been a point of contention in the past with a potential constitutional lawsuit in 2003,” one report reads, “threatening to remove the cross after the city of Ventura was accused of violating the principle of separation of church and state by owning and maintaining the cross.”

The local city council sold the site, helping to keep it in place to this day.

The Serra Cross has now survived World War II, atheists, and a massive wildfire. In other words …

Do you see the survival of this cross despite the devastation around it as a miracle? Tell us what you think below!