Alert! U.S Government Official Just Admitted THIS About Taking in Syrian Refugees


During the committee hearing on “Worldwide Threats and Homeland Security Challenges,” Homeland Security Secretary Jeh Johnson cautioned on Wednesday that bringing in 10,000 Syrian refugees as planned by the Administration carries a major terror risk. He stressed background checks can only do so much and “there is no risk-free process.”

“The good news is that we are better at [vetting] than we were eight years ago. The bad news is that there is no risk-free process,” Johnson said at a House Homeland Security Committee hearing.

Let me explain as best I can with a passionate plea — economic refugees are coming out of Syria, and they should not be allowed in any country. This would stop very quickly if our government quit giving free government handouts to these people.

There is no reason to bring them here unless all other countries in the Middle East, Asia, and South America take their share. I haven’t heard of any of them going to China, Russia, Iran, Saudi Arabia, Brazil, etc. Japan is smart — they refuse to take any of them.


But it seems President Barack Obama is going to do whatever he wants with no regard to what the people want.

At least with all these refugees the following should be done:

1. Get their fingerprints.

2. Get their DNA.

3. Put them on probation where they must check with a probation officer every month.

4. Force them to wear tracking ankle bracelets.

5. Use truth serum on them to see what their intentions are.

6. Put them in FEMA camps and indoctrinate them with our laws before letting anybody out.

I’m sure you could come up more to add to this list.

They sure don’t deserve being dumped into a free house with free food and money to do whatever their heart’s desire. Taxpayers don’t deserve this — the poor and hungry in our country do not deserve this. We’ve had hundreds of thousands come across our southern border and now this. It’s just wrong.

What do you think? We all know Obama didn’t think it through but will enough Americans raise their voices and speak out on the findings of the Homeland Security Director?

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H/T:  FBI, Seattle Times, Fox News Insider

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