Unhinged Left Melts Down, Demands Boycott of CNN Because They Covered Hunter Biden’s Laptop

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There is an old saying, “you can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make him drink.” It seems that the same principle can be applied to the left.

You can lead them to the facts, but you can’t make them believe it.

Take the case of the left’s favorite Twitter personality, Dash Dobrofsky. Readers may be surprised to learn that the left is still under the impression that Hunter Biden’s laptop is “Russian disinformation” thanks to the media giving them that impression. (With a boost from “intelligence officials” of course.) 

And because CNN apparently covered the topic without calling it Russian disinformation, scores of leftists had a meltdown, demanding boycotts.

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CNN In Cahoots With MAGA?

Erin Burnett used a segment of her time on Monday to discuss Hunter Biden’s laptop. Dobrofsky certainly had his panties in a wad over Burnett “wasting” her time on something that is so “obviously” Russian disinformation as Hunter Biden’s laptop, and even worse, his beloved CNN portraying it as news.

For Dash, there could only be one explanation: CNN has gone to the dark side, and is now providing propaganda for MAGA use in order to win the midterm elections!

He then went on to call for the left’s plan B answer to anything they don’t like; if you can’t destroy it or shut it up, boycott it. His tweet ended with the hashtag, “#BoycottCNN.” 

Now before you think this is just an isolated person screaming gibberish on the internet, his rant rang true for hundreds of leftists.

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Not The CNN They Once Knew

Something is obviously afoot at CNN, and the left doesn’t like it one bit. One of Dobrofsky’s fellow travelers blames the problem on new CNN head Chris Licht.

Others, along with Dobrofsky, questioned Erin Burnett’s sense of ethics and integrity.

Still others gave up and went to a network where they know they will find what they’re looking for.

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As with everything, Dash Dobrofsky has his thousands of followers, and then there were others who tried in vain to point out to him that even some left wing media outlets, including CNN, had acknowledged that the laptop was real. They get a participation trophy.

One response thought Dash should just come out and say that he only wants to talk about things he likes.

Another responder thought she would whip a little tough love on Dash.

And still another tried to break the news to Dobrofsky, and even used a Russian term of “endearment” they thought Dash might like.

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Something More Serious Going On

Admittedly, we could spend countless hours making fun of the left. But for people to continue to believe something obviously false – like Hunter Biden’s laptop being “Russian disinformation” – speaks to the powerful force of the media.

Today, their attention is on just “knowing” that Donald Trump committed crimes, even if he is never convicted of anything. They just “know” he is the embodiment of evil. Nothing will sway them from that view, even hard evidence to the contrary.

This also is not the first time that leftists have been disappointed by CNN. Late last month, The Political Insider reported on a piece by conservative columnist Selena Zito that was quoted on air by CNN’s Jake Tapper. Their outrage that Tapper would even consider quoting something from a conservative was just too much, thus the virtual flogging of Tapper commenced.  

Dobrofsky and his ilk may also find distressing that the New York Post recently reported that, according to a Rasmussen poll of 1,000 U.S. voters, 63% said the Hunter Biden laptop story was “important,” including 44% who said it was “very important.”

Just 17% said the story was “not important.” Do a little multiplication, and what is 17% of just 1,000 voters, turns out to be a hell of a lot of people in the big picture. 

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