Democrats Call For CNN Boycott, Call Host Jake Tapper A ‘Sell Out’ For Sharing A Conservative Article

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It is probably a mistake CNN’s Jake Tapper will not make again anytime soon. On Tuesday, Tapper tweeted out a Washington Examiner column by reporter Selena Zito.

In it, Zito outlined the fact that Democrat Pennsylvania Senate candidate John Fetterman may a bit more prolific in the meme and tweet area than his opponent, Dr. Mehmet Oz. 

But Oz is doing all the things that Fetterman should be doing as well, like actually going out to campaign. Zito followed Oz’s campaign to various county fairs in Pennsylvania to do what candidates who run for office traditionally do, listen to the voters. 

Zito’s point: while cool tweets and memes may attract a following of people who agree with you but not necessarily make it out to vote, actual campaigning is more likely to attract voters.

Tapper had the audacity to point that out as well and captioned his tweet, “Zito: Oz cannot out-meme Fetterman, but he can out-work and defeat him.”

For this crime, Tapper got ruthlessly attacked by Democrats.

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Democrats Are Triggered

We all know that feeling when we find out one of our heroes is not what we thought he was. That is what happened to Democrats at the sight of Tapper’s tweet. Their melt down, and desperate need of a safe space, were comedy gold.

Did people use the term “respected” when talking about Jake Tapper? Hmmm. Someone else warned that, well, Tapper could sink even lower than the Washington Examiner.

Then there was the guy who used “values and morals,” and CNN in the same sentence.

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CNN Shake Up

Many of Jake Tapper’s fans mentioned the recent shake up at CNN by new CEO Chris Licht. The most recent on the chopping block was Tapper’s colleague Brian Stelter and the cancellation of his show, “Reliable Sources.” 

Licht has been fairly vocal about wanting to restore the network’s reputation. But for those who feel as though Tapper has betrayed them, they might not hang around to see what happens next at CNN.

One fan said she was not only done with Tapper, but just couldn’t with CNN anymore. It’s just too much to bear.

Another disappointed Tapper fan, who has “lost all respect” for the “journalists” at CNN. 

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So Disappointed That Jake Has Gone To ‘The Dark Side’

Jake Tapper has really disappointed his legions of fans. Their image of “honest journalism” was blown to smithereens. They were not afraid to let him know about it too. One referenced his fallen colleague, Chris Cuomo.

Others suspected that Tapper had been hiding the fact that he might be a journalist for years but….oh wait, that was something else.

A repeat tweeter assumed Tapper has changed his circle of friends.

Don’t worry Jake. Usually when there is a shake up in the company, they will let you reapply for your job.

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