Hillary Clinton: Nancy Pelosi is Like Queen Elizabeth, ‘Gutsiest’ Woman in Politics

Hillary Clinton compared House Speaker Nancy Pelosi to Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II saying she is the "gutsiest woman in politics."
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Hillary Clinton compared House Speaker Nancy Pelosi to Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II saying she is the “gutsiest” female in politics today.

“I think Nancy Pelosi is the gutsiest woman in politics right now,” Clinton said during a Sunday appearance on CNN’s “State of the Union.”

“She has shown, through all kinds of turmoil and challenge, what it means to — somewhat like the queen to be drawing an analogy here — get up every day, put on those high heels she wears, suit up to fight for the values and ideals that she strongly believes in,” the former Secretary of State added.

One of the women in Clinton’s comparison was a seven-decade source of strength, duty, honor, and the beloved face of her nation. The other is Nancy Pelosi.

Queen Elizabeth II passed away late last week at the age of 96, kicking off 10 days of national mourning as Britons line the streets to pay their respects.

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Hillary Clinton: Pelosi is Gutsy Just Like Queen Elizabeth

Hillary’s comment that Pelosi is ‘gutsy’ just like Queen Elizabeth is a not-so-subtle plug for her and daughter Chelsea Clinton’s forthcoming Apple TV+ docuseries, “Gutsy.”

The series will feature stories of the world’s “boldest and bravest women.”

Queen Elizabeth II served as an auto mechanic for the Women’s Auxiliary Territory Service (ATS) during World War II, was the first British monarch to address Congress, supported racial justice in the commonwealth, and was a tireless advocate for charities.

And yet, she wasn’t featured in the “Gutsy” series, something Fox News host Laura Ingraham pointed out.

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Clinton on Trump Being Indicted: No One is Above the Law

Clinton also made news during her “State of the Union” appearance by offering her thoughts on whether or not Donald Trump would be indicted for allegedly having classified documents at his home in Mar-a-Lago.

Clinton, who has her own history of mishandling classified materials, said it’d be “a really hard call” for the Justice Department but ultimately “no one is above the law.”

“I really believe that at the end of the day, no one is above the law, and no one should be escaping accountability, if indeed, the facts and the evidence point to them having done something that anyone else in our country would be investigated for and maybe even charged,” she said.

Also on her promotional tour for the “Gutsy” series, Clinton raised eyebrows by offering an explanation as to why she started wearing her signature pantsuits.

The former First Lady said that “suggestive” photos taken of her during a trip to Brazil in 1995 – some of which ended up in lingerie ads at the time – led to the fashion decision.

Clinton did offer praise for Queen Elizabeth II, saying she admires her longstanding “devotion to duty and her sense of obligation to the people of her nation.”

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