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A new Twitter app will allow celebrities to filter out negative comments from their TweetStream – because everyone knows that celebrities need to disconnect further from reality.

Breitbart reports: “Twitter Launches ‘Safe Space’ for Celebrities.”

Twitter has launched a standalone app for influential Twitter users where they can only see the analytical performance of their tweets, meaning they won’t see “abusive” responses from “normal” users.

The app, called Engage, will only show users the most important interactions they have on Twitter, mentions from users who are verified, and an “understand” tab that provides users with data analysis of their performance on the site.

In a review by The Verge, Casey Newton says that “Engage is for the celebrity who sees the value in tweeting, but would rather not pay attention to the broader conversation in the global town square.”

“If reading Twitter makes you upset, but you still want to be able to broadcast the details of your latest juice cleanse, Engage may be the app for you,” it continues.

This is a case of life imitating art. In last season’s South Park episode “Safe Space,” Butters is forced to go through the Twitter feeds of Cartman and other celebrities like Demi Lovato, Steven Seagal, and Vin Diesel to edit out any negative comments so they never have to see them. The hilarious song “In My Safe Space” talks about “bully-proof windows” and “troll-safe doors” to keep reality out.

Instead of realizing how ridiculous an online safe space is, Twitter appears to have taken the South Park episode seriously and created their own. Just another step Twitter has taken to stifle free speech.

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