Tucker Carlson Unloads On ‘Famously Stupid’ Joe Biden And His ‘Small-Minded’ Wife Jill In New Biography

Tucker Carlson, who was once a close friend of Hunter Biden, unloaded on his famous First Family in a biography set to be released at the beginning of August.
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Tucker Carlson, who was once a close friend of Hunter Biden, unloaded on his famous First Family in a biography set to be released at the beginning of August.

The biography, simply titled “Tucker,” promises to provide an inside look at what the former Fox News host is like off camera.

The book promises to be a no hold barred effort if excerpts obtained by the Daily Mail are any indication. Carlson, according to those excerpts, very deeply and personally criticizes Hunter for letting his alcohol, drug, and sex-fueled exploits ruin the lives of those around him.

“Look at Hunter, no matter what you now think of him or the family as public figures, the guy really hurt his daughters and his wonderful wife, totally wrecked her life, humiliated his father, whom he really loves,” he said.

Carlson, who also goes into detail about his own battle with alcoholism, points out that Hunter “hurt all these people, hurt himself, degraded himself.”

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Carlson’s Biography Torches The Biden Family

Carlson can offer insight into the Biden family in his biography perhaps because he was, according to The Mail, once “close friends” with Hunter.

The friendship was revealed in emails from Hunter’s famous laptop in which the President’s son referred to the conservative pundit as “a friend” and a “buddy.”

One email showed Carlson intervening on behalf of a negative news story involving Hunter and a cheating app, and another in which he thanked the younger Biden for writing a recommendation letter for his son’s Georgetown University application.

Perhaps their past friendship is what allowed Carlson to speak about Hunter in humanizing, almost sympathetic tones involving the harsh realities of an addict.

Concern, however, was wiped away when he began talking about the President.

“Not that there was every much depth to Joe Biden. He was famously stupid. Everyone always said he was stupid, and he’d say anything,” Carlson pummeled. “So that hasn’t changed – he was always skin-deep, fake, and shallow, with the hair plugs, and face lifts, and the pat-you-on-the-back stuff.”

There was one saving grace about Joe, though.

Carlson added, “But he was always very friendly.”

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Next In His Sights – Jill Biden

The Tucker Carlson biography saves some of the more brutal criticism for First Lady, Dr. Jill Biden.

“Jill Biden – excuse me, Dr. Jill – was a nasty person. Famously small-minded and dumb,” he said.

What? The woman who once compared Hispanics to “breakfast tacos” and couldn’t pronounce the word “bodega” isn’t the brightest crayon in the box?

Carlson has mocked Jill and her title of “doctor” in the past.

“Jill Biden is not a doctor, no. Maybe in the same sense Dr. Pepper is,” Carlson previously quipped. “In 2007, at the age of 55, she got a doctorate in education, so she’s got the same degree as Dr. Bill Cosby.”

Savage, but then, it was at least a little nicer than how Carlson’s friend, Hunter Biden, described her.

We can only imagine how many more humiliating digs at the Biden family are in Carlson’s book.

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