Tucker Carlson Lays Into ‘Snarling Face’ Dan Crenshaw, Who Called McCarthy Opponents ‘Terrorists’

Tucker Carlson slammed Texas Representative Dan Crenshaw after the Republican lawmaker called those opposed to voting for Kevin McCarthy for House Speaker as "terrorists."
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Tucker Carlson slammed GOP Representative Dan Crenshaw after the neoconservative lawmaker called those opposed to voting for Kevin McCarthy for House Speaker “terrorists.”

Carlson accused Crenshaw of being a “neocon” and doing “what neocons always do” by labeling their political opponents as enemies of the nation.

“You pushed us into this corner,” Crenshaw said in an interview on The Guy Benson show, referencing the roughly 20 holdouts who have voted against McCarthy numerous times, preventing him from becoming Speaker.

“So now we’re saying we won’t vote for anyone but McCarthy,” he insisted. “That’s why we’re saying it, because we cannot let the terrorists win. That’s basically what’s happening,” he said, without a hint of irony or self-awareness.

Benson would later reference the comments and the congressman from Texas refused to back down, saying: “I’m not going to apologize for harsh language … This is terrorism tactics.”

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Dan Crenshaw Calls McCarthy Opponents ‘Terrorists’

Dan Crenshaw followed up the reprehensible ‘terrorists’ comment by dropping multiple expletive-laden diatribes to various media sources regarding the 20 who oppose McCarthy.

“These fucking people,” Crenshaw told reporter Matt Laslo after leaving the House floor. “Now they’re just being clowns.”

When asked about his “terrorists” comment, Crenshaw replied, “It’s a figure of speech. People need to lighten up and grow some fucking thick skin.”

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In a discussion with CNN reporter Manu Raju, Crenshaw referred to the anti-McCarthy, America First contingent of the Republican Party as  “narcissists” and “enemies.”

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Carlson Unloads on ‘Eyepatch McCain’

Fox News host Tucker Carlson, who once referred to Dan Crenshaw as “eyepatch McCain,” slammed the lawmaker’s comments as representing the “snarling face of the donor class.”

“He impugned their motive, their character, their intelligence, their moral standing,” he said, referencing the McCarthy ‘no’ voters.

“Now, what you just saw as Dan Crenshaw just spoke, is the snarling face of the donor class revealed for all to see, finally,” Carlson continued. “The deep loathing of disobedient voters that may be their most passionate secret emotion.”

Crenshaw replied on Twitter, much like his muse Adam Kinzinger does when called out by Tucker, advising the Fox host to “unclutch your pearls” and “grow thicker skin.”

Which is a really odd thing to say for a guy who got baited into losing his cool after repeated badgering by right-wing comedian Alex Stein, calling him “disgusting” and “a piece of s***” after Stein taunted Crenshaw as a “globalist” and a short, “sad little boy.”

The confrontation would later end with Stein being stopped and asked for identification by Capitol Police.

Crenshaw also shriveled up in the face of criticism from colleague Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) who condemned the bottomless well of taxpayer funds being laundered in Ukraine.

In fact, McCain 2.0 couldn’t even seem to handle criticism from some Twitter random named “Chigg Bungus.”

But yea, it’s Carlson and the people who aren’t surrogates for McCarthy as Crenshaw is that need to grow a thicker skin.

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