Tucker Carlson Explains Why Nashville School Shooter’s Manifesto Is Being Hidden: ‘It’s Not Accidental’

Fox News personality Tucker Carlson argued that the manifesto written by the Nashville elementary shooter is not being released by authorities and the media for very specific reasons.

Nashville police chief John Drake confirmed that the suspect in the case identified “as transgender” and told reporters she left behind maps of the school and a “manifesto” indicating there may have been other targets.

The shooter opened fire early Monday morning and killed three students at The Covenant School, all 9 years of age, along with three adults.

Details of the manifesto, however, remain scarce.

“Well, that’s interesting,” Carlson said on his Tuesday night broadcast. “Within what seemed like minutes, we saw pictures of the rifles and the pistol. We now have horrifying body cam footage from within the school.”

“But somehow we can’t see the manifesto in which the killer explains why she killed.”

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Tucker Carlson Explains Why Nashville Shooter Manifesto Remains Under Wraps

Tucker Carlson said the quiet part out loud, citing a pair of reasons why the Nashville shooter’s manifesto has yet to be released by authorities or the media.

The nation’s leading political commentator argued that what the nation saw, as evidenced in part by this tragedy earlier in the week, was an example of “trans terrorism.”

Carlson argues that the left doesn’t want attacks on the Christian community revealed through this manifesto. Some conservatives have speculated the school was targeted in part due to its religious association and its opposition to LGBT ideology.

“Somehow we can’t see the manifesto in which the killer explains why she killed. Why is that?” he asked.

“It’s not accidental. You know exactly why it is – because it would make the obvious undeniable,” added Carlson. “The trans movement is targeting Christians, including with violence.”

It’s quite the difference from other tragedies. Readers will recall that details about the Buffalo shooter’s manifesto were in the media almost immediately, warning of the dangers of racist white men.

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Would Ruin the Left’s Gun Grab

Carlson went on to suggest another reason the manifesto remains under wraps – its release would reveal the war on Christians and focus the discussion on mental health instead of the Democrats’ argument to ban guns.

“We’re going to prevent you from learning why the shooter did it, and we don’t have to guess because she wrote a whole manifesto about why she did it,” he explained.

“But we can’t see it. We can only talk about the guns.”

Newsweek reports that LGBT groups are working to make sure the manifesto of the Nashville shooter never sees the light of day.

Doing so, they argue, could have a negative impact on trans people.

“Calls for police to release the ‘manifesto’ … has prompted concern among LGBTQ+ groups, who caution against the publication of such a document,” the outlet writes.

Would the media be concerned about “serious consequences” if such a massacre had been carried out by a deranged Trump supporter?

Of course not. The manifesto would have already been published. And there would be countless stories about how Republicans are violent and the former President is directly responsible.

The Nashville attack is very different. 

“We can’t know what kind of drug she was taking, what kind of hormones or SSRI or benzodiazepines,” Carlson said of the transgender shooter. “We can only guess. We can only talk about the guns.”

Nashville Police have said they won’t make the manifesto public “during an open investigation.”

“I have not read the whole entire manifesto,” Chief Drake told reporters. “Our team and the FBI have been working on this.”

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Rusty Weiss

Rusty Weiss is a freelance writer focusing on the conservative movement and its political agenda. He has been following and analyzing the political climate for several years, and his writings have appeared in the Daily Caller, FoxNews.com and more.

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  • Just another of the government trying to control the people they work for and who pay their salaries. If you control the information you control the basis on which decisions are made, including electoral decisions. They can't risk that decision process being influenced by the whole truth. Funny how we have to swear to tell the whole truth in court.

  • Trans groups dont want it revealed that they have been calling for a trans day of violence, I seen it clearly posted on tic tok and it was an out and out call to beat, maim and violently cause harm to anyone who does not bow to their agenda. I could not believe that fascistbook had it in their tic tok reels section, since I have been given time outs for saying things far less then violent.

  • When so much "Bad Faith" is being demonstrated on a daily basis in the "media", who can blame us all for being highly suspicious of the motives of ALL who suppress details - it is not as though there is going to be a Court Case for the murdering trans person is it ? !!

    The question now is "DO CHRISTIAN CHILDRENS LIVES MATTER ?" Well ? DO THEY ?

    That question also applies to those Christian adults cowardly murdered alongside the Children !

  • Why only 3 and 3? Why were those bodies there that time of day meaning if school was out why were they there. If it was earlier why not more bodies. And I've heard nothing of any family members mourning. Nothing. In fact compared to most shooting this hasn't had much coverage but I bet there will be more violence over this.

  • We already know Dumbassocrats hate guns/gunowners/anyone who doesn't walk the Lefty Line. But THIS manifesto might make interesting reading. Reckon?

  • Typical of democrats ! We will show you guns , bodies and crying kids and angry people but they won’t bring to light why someone they protect did such a horrible crime

  • Ok. First question, as this is a local matter why is the FBI involved? There is nothing to suggest any violation of federal law.

    1. Carlson hasn't seen the "manifesto," along with all of the other media.
    2. Despite not having seen it, Carlson "knows" what's in it.
    3. Carlson, will you predict the next big winning lottery number for me? No one knows what it will be, but I'm sure you can figure it out.
    4. Thank you in advance.

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