Speaking with conservative author Mark Steyn on his show, Tucker Carlson said that Bernie Sanders was a “foolish old hypocrite” on climate change.

Sanders “Doesn’t Care About the Actual Environment”

Tucker asked Steyn what he thought of the “democratic socialist” candidate for President, Senator Bernie Sanders. Carlson pointed out he is promising “a $16 trillion green New Deal because he cares so deeply about climate,” which he describes as “an ‘existential crisis’,” yet “flies private constantly,” and so often that he tried to board the wrong private airplane at Logan Airport on Saturday.

“He doesn’t really care about the actual environment,” Tucker continued. “What does it tell you that Bernie Sanders is wandering around FPOs trying to get on Gulf Streams because he imagines they’re his?”

Steyn said he initially sympathised, thinking that he had been so “hunched” because he had to deal with bending down “to get into the little pathetic US Air Northwest Continental TWA puddle jumper up to Burlington,” and that he’s now simply had to start taking private planes because he is running for President, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. ”

“In fact he was doing it when he was just a Vermont congressman,” Steyn pointed out, and proceeded to criticise him for his hypocritical policy stances and actions:

He’d actually take private planes from Manchester, New Hampshire, to Burlington, Vermont, which is ridiculous. Because it’s like a couple hours in the car. You can stick it on cruise control. The road is empty, and read the Communist Manifesto all the way home. So there is something about this that is significant… This Green New Deal is ridiculous, because as we’ve been talking about, all this public transit, putting people in big cities and smaller accommodation, that’s great if you want to catch the coronavirus, meanwhile he’s not coming into contact with humanity because he’s flying private from Dead Moose Junction, Maine, to Dead Beaver Junction, Vermont! This is ridiculous!

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“Foolish Old Hypocrite”

Tucker agreed, labelling Sanders “a foolish old hypocrite” and “a liar.”

I agree too! Leftists like Sanders are always total hypocrites – they want to stop us using private transportation but will use it whenever they can, they advocate for gun control but surround themselves with armed guards, and push for mass migration yet live in gated communities. These people never see the effects of their own policies, because they can afford to escape them. I bet that if it was mandatory for your life to be impacted by the policies you put forward, we would see a lot fewer Democratic politicians.