Bernie Sanders Praised on Front Page of Communist Cuban Newspaper

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2020 Democratic presidential frontrunner Bernie Sanders is getting some major love from Communist Cuba’s state-run newspaper.

Front Page Bernie

The Miami Herald reported, “Granma, the Communist Party newspaper, prominently displayed a report about Sanders and his praise of ‘some of the social programs implemented by the historic leader of the Cuban Revolution Fidel Castro.'”

The Cuban paper described Sanders campaign as “unstoppable” as he inches closer toward the nomination.

“Granma and several state media outlets reported the comments made by Sanders in an interview with Anderson Cooper for ’60 minutes’ on Sunday, in which the senator said it was ‘unfair’ to say that ‘everything is bad’ in Cuba, and praised the literacy campaign implemented by Fidel Castro shortly after he rose to power in 1959,” the Herald reported. “The report also mentions that Sanders had recognized the role of Cuba in sending ‘doctors all over the world,’ another Castro initiative, but incorrectly attributed these comments, made during a debate in the 2016 elections, to the interview with Cooper.”

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Communist Paper Criticized Cuban Americans

The Communist newspaper went after Cuban Americans who had fled the socialist regime, noting that Sanders’ “comments sparked the anger of the most extremist sector of Cuban-Americans in South Florida, who oppose any rapprochement with the Caribbean island.”

Sanders’ controversial comments were almost uniformly condemned by Cuban Americans, Republicans, and Democrats who found his seeming Castro love appalling.

Right and Left Slam Sanders

Michael Bloomberg tweeted, “Fidel Castro left a dark legacy of forced labor camps, religious repression, widespread poverty, firing squads, and the murder of thousands of his own people. But sure, Bernie, let’s talk about his literacy program.”

Pete Buttigieg made a donation pitch, tweeting, “Chip in if you don’t want to have to defend Fidel Castro.”

During his CNN town hall, Tom Steyer blasted Sanders.

Steyer said, “I don’t think it’s appropriate to look at a dictator in Cuba who’s been there for 60 years, who has really done a terrible job for the Cuban people, who’s an autocrat who’s never allowed dissent or elections and who has done exactly — he’s had the government own the economy and people are hungry and he’s been a cruel controller of the country.  don’t think it’s appropriate to be giving him a lot of compliments.”

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“If you’re asking me, will I ever compliment a regime that’s unelected, that rules without the rule of law, that is — that dominates its country without the kind of democracy and — that we have?” Steyer continued. “No, I’m never going to compliment that system. I don’t approve of it. I don’t think it works.”

Steyer added, “I think we stand up for who we are around the country because we’re trying to be the best value driven country in the world. That’s who we are. We should be proud of it and we should never give in to somebody else’s view.”

CNN’s Ann Navarro Goes Nuclear on Bernie

Perhaps the most damning condemnation of Sanders comments came from fellow leftist Ann Navarro. The CNN commentator tweeted, “I was born in Nicaragua. My parents live there. My husband was born in Cuba. Castros & Ortega are corrupt, anti-American, murderous thugs. They jail, kill, torture, starve, beat, persecute political dissidents while enriching themselves. There is no f***ing bright side. Period.”

Can you imagine a nominee Bernie Sanders having to defend this on a debate stage against President Donald Trump?

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