Trump Withdrew American Soldiers From Somalia – Biden Is Sending Them Back

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By Dr. Derek Ellerman

Following roughly three decades of post-Cold War foreign policy consensus, America elected a President who finally gave us change we could believe in. 

No new wars, unprecedented peace deals, and honest attempts to extricate our country from seemingly endless, open-ended imperial adventures in every corner of the globe. 

One such theatre was Somalia, where President Trump ordered a full withdrawal. 

That brief respite in forever wars is over. 

President Biden has ordered a re-deployment of troops to Somalia on what the Biden administration calls a “persistent” basis.

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Forever War, Part III

Somalia, which few Americans could even point out on a map, and the location of the infamous “Black Hawk Down” episode, will once again be home to American troops. 

Officially, as told to the New York Times, the numbers will top out at 450 troops.

As told to The Hill, the purpose is to fight against the Islamic terrorist group al-Shabaab. Expect more airstrikes in the near future.

At the time, as the Trump era drew to a close, The Hill wrote, “The announcement marks Trump’s latest move to pull troops from overseas conflicts before leaving office in January.”

A remarkable statement, and even more remarkable policy for many Americans. 

People born before just before the fall of the Soviet Union in 1991 have ironically never lived during peace time. 

We’ve watched as Washington bombed and invaded country after country. 

Panama. Iraq. Somalia. Bosnia. Haiti. Kosovo/Serbia. Afghanistan. Iraq again. Yemen. Somalia again. Libya. Syria. Ukraine. 

Now Somalia again. 

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Meanwhile, In America

Most everyone reading this already knows the host of troubles already facing the American people. Troubles our leaders seem to not even care about, or even be aware of. 

An astonishing article came out recently that seemed to imply Democrat Congressmen had no idea inflation was harming Americans, because they weren’t “seeing it in the polls.” 

Young mothers who may have to take up a side gig as Robin Hood to secure food for their babies will be happy to know there’s a new war on the other side of the world. (Illegal immigrants are fine, Uncle Sam has food for them, for free.)

The two-thirds (!!!!) of Americans who are now living paycheck-to-paycheck (dwindling paychecks, remember inflation not seen in four decades) will be happy to shell over tax dollars for Somalia.

Thinking about retiring? Better not look at your 401k. 

But fear not. Our leaders are wise, and they’re looking out for you. 

That’s why they’re focused on packing the Supreme Court, removing advanced courses from schools, setting up a new Soviet-style propaganda board, and of course, sending $40 billion to fund the proxy war in Ukraine. 

You see, Congress is far too busy to tackle something like the Constitutionally-required declaration of war. Just let Joe handle it. (And then, of course, scream about how they are committed to Democracy.)

As for me, I’ll be fine. War is all I’ve ever known.

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