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Trump: Unarmed Civilians Are ‘Sitting Ducks’

Whitney Tipton on June 5, 2019

President Donald Trump said Wednesday that unarmed civilians are “sitting ducks” because they obey laws that prevent carrying guns for self-defense.

“When somebody has a gun illegally and nobody else has a gun because the laws are that you can’t have a gun, those people are gone,” Trump told “Good Morning Britain’s” Piers Morgan during an interview that covered a range of gun control topics.

“They have no chance,” he added.


Morgan brought up the Virginia Beach shootings as the latest example of America’s high gun crime rate.

“America has a particular issue with gun violence. There’s been a 150 mass shootings in America this year alone. In Britain, we have 35 gun deaths a year,” Morgan said.

“Yeah but in London you have stabbings allover. I read an article where everyone’s being stabbed,” Trump replied. “They said your hospital is a sea of blood all over the floors.”

“We have a problem with knife crime,” Morgan responded.

Trump told Morgan that the Paris shootings in November 2015 that killed 118 would never have happened had “two or three of those people had a gun.”

Morgan praised Trump for his stand on banning “bump stocks” after the Las Vegas shootings in October 2017, asking if he would also wanted to ban “silencers,” because one was reportedly used in the Virginia Beach shootings.

Trump said he would “think about it.”

“The bad guys are not getting rid of their guns,” Trump said. “Pretty much everybody agrees with that.”

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  • I used to open carry when I was hunting in the 1970's & 80's. Now with a CC permit, I would not dream of open carry, why advertise that you are armed. I walk through stores with no problem. True, I'm not going to be Quick Draw McGraw but I will use Stealth should the need arises. My CC is my parachute.

  • Have you noticed that mass shooters tend to pick "Gun Free Zones" for their shootings? They do that on purpose. The best way to stop a bad person with a gun is having a good person with a gun! I'm a retired police officer and learned as a rookie that even if you live next door to a police station, if someone wants to hurt you or your family, it will be over before the cops get there. You need to protect yourself. Otherwise, you are simply a lamb at the slaughterhouse.

  • with all the millions of illegal immigrants being set loose in our country I don't feel safe anymore. There are drug sellers and makers, criminals, rapists, ms-13 gang members and other dangerous people here now. And the democrats want our protection.

  • I moved to Florida about 10 months ago which is an open carry state. (THANK YOU 2A and the legislature for keeping it that way) But when I first got here, I applied for and got my concealed carry license and if I go ANYWHERE further than the end of my driveway, I carry one of several 9mm's I own. I carry concealed because when I bought my first gun and asked about open carry holsters, the gentleman at the gun store said, "You CAN go that route, but wouldn't you prefer that the bad guys DON'T KNOW you're carrying UNTIL you double tap their center mass with a couple of hollow points?" So, it's been concealed carry (and training) ever since, and I feel a whole lot safer now.

  • He would not ever leave ys without guns!! There's a right time for everything!! You don't think that way!! That's why he's President and you're not!! You just sit there making ludicrous remarks!!

  • About time Trump steps up to the plate with something that really matters.. and admitting we have bs gun-laws. All of which, are INFRINGEMENTS to the 2nd Amendment. And ALL of which, need to be NULLIFIED.

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