On Monday, President Trump is expected to issue a revised Executive Order limiting travel from individuals located in countries with terrorism issues.

Last month, when the president issued his initial travel ban from individuals in 7 countries, liberals falsely called the order a “Muslim ban” even though the list of countries came from Barack Obama – and 17 alleged terrorists have originated from those countries since 2014.

Despite these inconvenient facts, the president has decided to issue an updated order, and White House senior adviser Kellyanne Conway previewed the changes during an appearance on Fox and Friends.

Conway told the Fox News hosts that the new order will “have an effective date of March 16 and will exclude Iraq and current visa holders” and it “would treat Syrian refugees no different than other refugees.”

From Politico:

“I think people will see six or seven major points about this executive order that do clarify who is covered,” Conway said on “Fox and Friends.” “If you have travel docs, if you actually have a visa, if you are a legal permanent resident, you are not covered under this particular executive action. Also, Iraq is no longer on the list based on their enhanced screening and reporting measures.”

Despite the clear legality of President Trump’s initial Executive Order, the liberal media and Democrats in Congress predictably had their knives out, falsely portraying the order as some sinister anti-Muslim policy.

Last month, the liberal 9th Circuit Court of Appeals allowed a stay on the initial order, meaning that until the Supreme Court weighed in on the matter, the travel restrictions could not be implemented.

As such, the president and his team likely felt that issuing new travel restrictions that could be implemented within a matter of days would be a much more effective strategy than defending the original order in court for several months while thousands of individuals from the terror-prone nations could enter the country unchecked.

What are your thoughts on the new travel restrictions Kellyanne Conway said the administration will announce today? Are they a good fix? Share your thoughts below!